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Today’s Al Roker throws shade at rival Craig Melvin under his breath in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it comment

Today’s Al Roker throws shade at rival Craig Melvin under his breath in blink-and-you’ll-miss-it comment

TODAY’S Al Roker has shaded his co-host Craig Melvin in a shocking on-air moment.

The dig came as the pair showcased Valentine’s Day shopping items during the show’s third hour.

TodayAl Roker threw shade at his co-host, Craig Melvin during a live shopping segment[/caption]

TodayAl told Craig that he ‘always wanted to give you the bird,’ while referencing a bird portrait[/caption]

On Monday, Al, Craig, and their co-host, Sheinelle Jones, 44, were joined by Shop All Day contributor Chassie Post to highlight some gift ideas for the February 14th holiday.

Chassie presented numerous options, including a box of edible cookie dough, heart-shaped charcuterie sets, personalized lipsticks, and more.

However, one particular gift idea caught the hosts’ attention – a customized pet portrait.

When it came time to present one of the final items, Craig, 43, was the first to comment on the unique finds.

“I was surprised when I walked in, and I saw the Melvin family bird,” Craig remarked, pointing to the framed portrait of a green and yellow exotic bird.

Chassie giggled and continued to boast about the frame, along with the similar dog portraits on display.

However, Al wasn’t done admiring the bird portrait and used it to mock his rival co-host, Craig.

“I’ve always wanted to give you the bird,” the 68-year-old interrupted, referencing the metaphor for the middle finger.

The group laughed at Al’s unexpected jab, and then Craig fired back: “And sometimes you do.”

They quickly moved on from the spat and focused on the next shopping suggestion.


Earlier that morning, Al made another outburst on live TV toward Craig and his other rival, Savannah Guthrie, 51.

The bitter feud ensued when the hosts disagreed over which color the Empire State Building should light up following an intense football weekend.

On Sunday, four football teams faced off to find out which two would wind up in the Super Bowl on February 12.

In the end, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs won and will face off in the big game.

An ABC news correspondent reported that the Empire State Building lit up red and yellow and then green and white to honor both winning teams.

Considering Philadelphia beat the New York Giants in every game they played this season, it was shocking to some fans to see New York honor that team.

“Fans were full of disbelief that the iconic New York landmark would do Giants fans like that, but I know Savannah was happy to see it,” the correspondent said.

Savannah, Craig, and Hoda Kotb, 58, laughed at the desk.

“Well, you know what? It’s the definition of ‘too soon,’” Savannah said.

“It’s a little raw, Empire State Building.”


Savannah and Craig had a rivalry as she was rooting for Philadelphia, and he was rooting for Kansas City.

They held up the jerseys from the opposite teams.

“So, I texted Craig last night,” Savannah, who attended the game at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, said.

“I said, ‘if the Chiefs win, then Dell, his son who loves [Patrick] Mahomes, can bet Vale and Charlie, so we’re going to make it interesting, get a little wager going.”

“Oh, I love that!” Hoda said.

They don’t know what they are betting yet, but Craig said, “No money, though.”

“A doughnut or something. I don’t know,” Savannah chimed in.

“Cool. Well, congrats to both of you guys,” Hoda said.

After they talked a bit more about the teams, Savannah pointed out that Hoda was wearing red, so she needed Al on her team.

Al stood over by the weatherboard and said unenthusiastically: “Yeah. I don’t care.”

The Today hosts cracked up as the meteorologist looked at the camera and said: “In fact, Empire State Building, you’re dead to me!”

“I’m moving to the Chrysler Building. I’m kidding. I’m kidding.”

“But, I’m very excited for you guys,” he ended.


Al recently returned to his morning show duties after a months-long absence due to health issues.

He was hospitalized for blood clots and internal bleeding in November 2022 and underwent numerous surgeries.

Fans have since been praising the veteran host for his healthy habits in his recovery as he’s documented the process on social media.

TodayCraig laughed at the comment and fired back: ‘And sometimes you do.’[/caption]

TodayThe group quickly moved on from the jab and focused on the next item[/caption]

TodayEarlier that morning, Al lashed out at Craig in another sudden outburst[/caption]

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