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The View’s Sara Haines gives honest advice to her ‘younger self’ about relationships as she shares throwback photos

The View’s Sara Haines gives honest advice to her ‘younger self’ about relationships as she shares throwback photos

THE VIEW’s Sara Haines has participated in a “conversation” with her younger self on Instagram, posting a few throwback photos from her childhood.

Sara shared an upbeat video featuring photos of herself as a young child as well as an adult to her Instagram.

Sara took to Instagram to share a video made with photos from her childhood interspersed with footage of her adult self.Instagram/Sara HainesThe View host added captions to make it seem as if she was having a conversation with herself as a childNBC

Her post was captioned “One foot in front of the other…one day at a time. Piece it together and it is a life lived,” with an added sparkle emoji.

She titled the video “A conversation with my younger self,” with an introductory photo of her as a child in a ballet pose and a frilly yellow dress.

Using captions over the video, Sara pretended to have a “chat” with herself as a little girl.

The first caption asked “Do I really have to grow up?”

She “answered” as her older self: “It doesn’t mean what you thought it would…you can do it your own way”

The next question was: “Will I meet someone who loves my dogs (and eventually kids) as much as I do?”

Sara “replied”: “You will know it’s your someone by how he loves the dogs”

The back and forth continued throughout the video until its final slide, where Sara told her younger self that it doesn’t “necessarily” get better, but you do get “stronger.”

Fans gushed over the sweet video, which was a fun take on simply posting childhood photos.

Sara looked effervescent and happy by the end of the clip, which showed several of the moments in her life she was proud of, like joining The View.


Last week, Sara left fans shocked after she made an interesting admission about herself.

The View’s panel, including Sara, took part in a discussion about the pros and cons and dating older men.

After talking about why older men were “better,” host Ana Navarro made comments that you don’t have to “train them.”

Rachel Lindsay, filling in for Sunny Hostin, commented about how the only older man she ever dated “tried to take her to a swingers’ club.”

The other hosts weighed in with their take on the situation.

“You don’t go out and just look for an older guy,” host Joy Behar said after admitting she didn’t know what the issue was with the conversation.

Sara came in with her big reveal, saying “Oh, you do.”

“I was hunting actively for older men,” she told a shocked Joy.

“They were the only thing that attracted me.”

“I had some daddy issues, but it’s fine,” Sara said with a laugh.

“I must have mommy issues then because all of my boyfriends have always been younger, Joy replied.

The panel continued their conversation without missing a beat.


Before making her shocking admission, Sara had fans wondering if there was trouble in paradise.

The host had not worn her wedding ring on-air for a few weeks.

She did, however, wear a thick silver ring on her fourth finger on the opposite hand.

The last time Sara wore her wedding ring was on the January 13 episode.

However, the entire two weeks before that, her finger was empty again.

The View co-host has been married to Max Shifrin, 39, since 2014.

They have three children together: Alec, six, Sandra, five, and Caleb, three.

She talks positively about him a lot on the show and even posts about Max on social media.

The last time Sara posted about him on Instagram was January 7.

The mother-of-three will be on the morning show again this week and may or may not wear her ring.

More fans may start to notice the missing jewelry if she keeps not wearing it.

She uses her hands a lot to talk, so it is noticeable when her finger is empty.

Sara gave advice on what it’s like to grow up, whether she’d find someone who loves her and her children and dogs, and whether life gets betterHer younger self was pictured doing ballerina poses and standing in a nightgown carrying Easter eggsThe cheery video had fans reminiscing about their younger days as well

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