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Molly Mae fans slam Tommy Fury as he leaves her ‘home alone’ amid rumours she’s given birth

Molly Mae fans slam Tommy Fury as he leaves her ‘home alone’ amid rumours she’s given birth

MOLLY-MAE Hague fans have hit out at Tommy Fury for leaving the “new mum” alone after rumours she’s given birth.

The boxing professional, 23, has had a busy few days doing press talks for his fight with YouTuber Jake Paul, who he has been scheduled to fight twice already.

Molly-Mae Hague fans have slammed Tommy Fury for leaving the ‘new mum’ aloneinstagramFans are convinced that Molly has given birthmollymae/Instagram

Molly-Mae fans are convinced that she has already given birth – and have slammed Tommy for nothing staying with her during this time.

One wrote: “One wrote: “All I’m seeing is Tommy in london doing press for that fight with Jake Paul when he has a new born baby at home and he’s barely there as it is. Feel so sorry for Molly- Mae.”

Another posted: “I feel sorry for Molly-Mae it was clear Tommy wasn’t around for the pregnancy now she’s probably had the baby and Tommy is off again bless her.”

“I feel so bad for Molly-Mae that her birth announcement was leaked by Jake Paul & Tommy won’t be there for her again cos he’s gonna be training,” a third echoed.

Someone else added: “Tommy Fury should stay with his newborn at least for like 6 months, Molly-Mae said he’s not around much. Why are u gonna fight Jake Paul like no one cares about him.”

However, not all fans felt the same and many raced to defend Tommy.

One posted: “It’s no different than anybody else’s boyfriend or husband going back to work. She’s giving birth in London anyway so not like he’s gone far. The newborn stage is mainly hours of them sleeping anyway so mum tries to sleep. Not really gonna miss him for a few hours.”

Another agreed: “Tommy has to go to work and make a living, people need to realise that.”

It comes after Jake Paul appeared the leak Molly-Mae’s baby birth news.

Once the fight was announced, Paul tweeted: Paul tweeted: “Tommy has no excuses now – Baby’s born.

“Money’s massive. Immigration no issue.”

Fans were then quick to point out that an official announcement had not yet come from either Fury or Molly-Mae.

When quizzed on leaking the news, Paul was unaware of what he’d done.

“Did I do that? I leaked it? Oh s***,” he told Sport Bible.

“My bad. I’m sorry, Tommy. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone the gender or anything like that.

Paul has also since doubled down on his claims that Tommy and Molly Mae’s baby has been born.

“Yeah. It’s a bit bizarre. Two of his biggest life moments in a very short time period here,” Paul said about Fury’s situation.

“I was telling my friends: I don’t know how he’s mentally going to be able to deal with that.

“If I had a kid, I wouldn’t want to be showing up at the gym, so I think it’s going to be a distraction for him.”

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