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Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner’s ‘desperate’ behavior in new boob grab pic as they complain they’re ‘bored’ of star

Kardashian fans mock Kylie Jenner’s ‘desperate’ behavior in new boob grab pic as they complain they’re ‘bored’ of star

KYLIE Jenner was photographed grabbing her breast. Again.

Now fans are saying the once comical move is too much, and are urging her to cut it out.

The Kardashians star shared a photo dump of her recent trip to Paris Fashion Week.

Among the photos of the festivities were a couple of Kylie and her go-to pose – the boob grab.

But this time, fans had seen enough.

Taking to a Reddit chat room, followers were over the pose.

“Another book grab, lol,” one person lamented. “She must be in on the joke.”

Another referred to it as her: “emotional support boob.”

A third asked: “Girl is squeezing her own boob? What for?”

While one person had some advice: “That post cried so desperate. We’re bored, Miss thing. Try som’ else.”


Kylie’s self-grope is nothing new to fans.

The 25-year-old has repeatedly opted to grab her boobs as she showed off her stunning figure in a range of revealing outfits over the years.

Instagram/Kylie JennerKylie Jenner’s latest boob grab photo has turned off fans[/caption]

Instagram/Kylie JennerSupporters of the reality star say they’ve seen enough of the pose[/caption]

In previous instances, fans have called her “Kylie ‘boob grab’ Jenner,” and called out her “Mandatory boob grab.”

One follower has theorized: “I’m honestly starting to wonder if she’s doing it on purpose as either an attempt at a signature pose or to just troll in general…”

Still, some have been left wondering why she frequently holds her right boob with her right hand.

“I feel like it’s a comfort thing or a habit at this point,” proposed one user on social media.

Another agreed: “It seems like something that’s habitual since she does it so much. But it doesn’t make it any less weird – she ruins good photo opportunities by doing this.”

“It’s very awkward,” wrote a third.

Others suggested that the pose is “her favorite thing in the world” and recalled other photos from the past where she had pulled the same mannerism.


However, another detail in the photo caused even more controversy and backlash.

In one of the photos, the Hulu star wore a purple outfit with black gloves as she sat at a table.

The model was holding a cigarette, and exhaled a cloud of smoke. 

In an online thread, critics mocked the reality star for “being fake” and “trying to be edgy” for “the sake of likes.”

One critic said: “I understand the look she’s going for but it’s a dangerous habit to pick for some social media likes.”

Another added: “She looks so incredibly silly. If sexy was the goal, she missed and gave goofy looks.”

The Mega AgencyKylie has been attending Paris Fashion Week festivities[/caption]

Instgram/ Kylie JennerHer boob grab pose is nothing new to fans[/caption]

Instgram/ Kylie JennerThe pose has been slammed as boring[/caption]

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