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RHOSLC’s Jen Shah makes shock appearance during explosive reunion despite being fired by Bravo after prison sentencing

RHOSLC’s Jen Shah makes shock appearance during explosive reunion despite being fired by Bravo after prison sentencing

JEN Shah has stunned fans by making a surprise appearance at the RHOSLC reunion after her Bravo firing.

The TV personality previously said that she would not be on the show due to advice from her legal team.

NBC Universal/BravoJen Shah made a surprise appearance at the RHOSLC reunion[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/therealjenshahShe previously claimed that she would not appear[/caption]

Part one of the Real Housewives reunion aired on Tuesday, with only Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, and Lisa Barlow sitting on the couches with host Andy Cohen.

Andy addressed Jen’s absence, saying: “We invited her to be here  but unfortunately her legal team advised her not to come today.”

Later in the episode, however, Jen made a surprise appearance – via phone call.

The shocking moment came during a tense discussion of rumors perpetuated by Lisa about Meredith.

Andy pointed to a moment earlier this season in which Lisa accused Meredith of “popping pills.”

She said during the reunion: “Jen had told me that they popped some pills before. She told me that you two were both Ketamine or something.”

Meredith called the allegations “vile,” and called Jen to set the record straight after Whitney also alleged that she had heard the rumors from Jen.

“Hi Jen I have you on speaker at the reunion because we have a little bit of a conflict here,” she said into the phone.

Lisa shouted: “Jen tell her how you told us that they took shrooms before [inaudible] in the hot tub.”

She added: “Ketamine and shrooms.”

Suddenly, Jen’s voice could be heard coming from the phone in Meredith’s hand.

“Like the horse drug?” she asked before asserting that Lisa’s claims were “a lie.”

Lisa then took a nasty dig at Jen, saying: “You don’t tell the truth all the time so I wouldn’t expect you to now. You believe this over me? I’m not going to jail.”

Meredith added: “I had heard through the grapevine long before I saw the episode where Lisa called me a pill popper that she was saying that around town.”

Lisa took one last dig at Jen, saying:  “I have never said that before. Never. It’s funny that you’ll believe someone going to prison for lying over me.”


Jen previously teased a potential comeback amid drama over her decision not to appear on the RHOSLC reunion.

Shortly after she was sentenced to six and a half years in prison for a telemarketing scam that targeted elderly victims.

Days later, she took to her Instagram Story to share a glammed-up photo of herself.

She posed in a robe, which hung off one of her shoulders.

The star had long dangly earrings on, a full face of makeup, and her hair looked like it was blowing in the wind. 

She captioned the post: “Dress Rehearsal… See you soon.”

Jen included a GIF of herself wearing the same sparkly gown from her RHOSLC intro.

Fans had been buzzing about Jen’s fate on RHOSLC for some time.

Ahead of her sentencing, it was announced that she would not appear on the reunion.

In December 2022, shortly after she pleaded guilty in her case, Jen explained the decision to her followers.


She said at the time: “I was clear with Bravo that out of respect for the courts and a standing judicial order, I would not be in a position to discuss anything related to my legal case or sentencing.”

Jen alleged that Bravo “found this unsatisfactory and said they expected to discuss this ‘storyline.’” 

She added: “That expectation has no regard for me or my family’s well-being.

“So under legal advice, I will not be attending the reunion.”

In October 2022, Bravo big wig Andy suggested that the network had cut ties with Jen after her guilty plea, saying at the time: “Once we wrapped [filming for season three and] she pled guilty, I think that was kind of, unfortunately, the end of, you know, the engagement there.”

He appeared to backtrack, or at least suggest that fans haven’t seen the last of Jen just yet, however.

Andy alluded to the idea of doing a one-on-one with Jen, adding: “But I hope to sit down with her and talk to her at some point on camera. 

“Because I have a lot of questions for her.”


Jen was sentenced to time in prison roughly a week ago.

A U.S. Sun reporter in court that day confirmed that the Bravo personality cried hysterically as she apologized for her crimes and that her family wiped away tears as her sentence was read out.

Jen was otherwise calm when her sentence was read out, according to The U.S. Sun’s reporter on the scene.

Her family – including her husband Sharrieff and their two sons, Sharrieff Jr. and Omar, and several of Jen’s friends – had their heads down and were seen wiping away tears.

Jen sobbed as she told the court: “The elderly command the most respect. I am the oldest of six. I was raised with respect, fulfillment of obligations, generosity and humility and loyalty. I have gone against those values.

“I am deeply sorry. I want to apologize to the victims and their families. I will work hard to gain the funds to pay them restitution. I am sincerely remorseful. I promise to repay every cent.”

Jen was arrested alongside her assistant, Stuart Smith, back in March 2021. 

Jen went on: “I struggled to accept responsibility because I delusionally thought I did nothing wrong. I believed I was manipulated. Those are lies I manifested.

“After therapy, counseling and medication, I can see the situation. I wish I did better. I am sorry.

“I found solace in volunteer work with woman’s rights and anti-racism.

“I’m sorry to my friends and family for the shame and embarrassment, especially my husband and sons.”

She added: “Omar, Mommy is so sorry that you were woken up at gunpoint and handcuffed,” as her sons listened and bowed their heads solemnly. 

Jen concluded: “I accept the consequences. I will never return there again. I will never break laws. 

“I will change and evolve. Reading this statement will help me heal my heart that I shattered.”

She was charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

The TV personality was sentenced to six and a half years behind bars and five years of supervised release.

She must report to prison on February 17 at 2pm. 

Jen has requested that she be allowed to serve her sentence in a Texas facility that is minimum security. 

Initially, she was facing up to 30 years in prison. 

The Real Housewives star agreed ahead of her sentencing not to appeal if she was sentenced to 14 months or less.

She was accused of running a telemarketing scam that targeted hundreds of elderly people across the United States alongside several accomplices. 

Jen and Stuart had a “Business Opportunity Scheme” where they “sold alleged services” to help make the alleged victim’s companies more efficient or profitable.

According to court papers, this included “tax preparations or website design services.”

The victims were “elderly and did not own a computer.”

GettyJen was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison and said her legal team advised against the reunion[/caption]

BravoMeredith Marks called Jen on the phone to set the record straight about rumors[/caption]

BravoJen was indicted for her alleged role in a telemarketing scheme that defrauded the elderly[/caption]

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