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Teen Mom’s Coach B gives update on Amber Portwood’s mental health battle after star loses custody of son James, 4

Teen Mom’s Coach B gives update on Amber Portwood’s mental health battle after star loses custody of son James, 4

TEEN Mom counselor Dr Cheyenne Bryant has given an update on Amber Portwood’s mental health after she lost custody of her young son James.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, Dr Bryant, also known as Coach B, said Amber is taking it “one day at a time” following her nasty custody battle with ex Andrew Glennon.

MTVAmber Portwood is part of the Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast[/caption]

Dr. Cheyenne BryantDr Cheyenne Bryant’s job is to help Amber and the other girls work past their issues, whether it’s with themselves or with their moms[/caption]

Amber returned to the second season of Teen Mom: Family Reunion with Coach B to work on being the best mother she can be to her son, despite the long distance between them.

The 32-year-old MTV star lost custody of her 4-year-old over the summer after a judge awarded her ex Andrew, 38, sole custody, and the toddler is now residing in California with his father. (Amber also shares custody of her daughter, Leah, 14, with her ex Gary Shirley, 35.)

“You know, I love Amber. She’s such a firecracker with the biggest heart ever. She is doing a lot better as far as how hard she can be on herself,” Coach B told The U.S. Sun.

“I always try to work with Amber on not being so hard on herself, celebrating the victories that she does gain and have with her kids and taking it one day at a time because living in the past is depression.

“Living in the future is anxiety and the only place that we really have a chance to change the experience we want is right now in the present.”

She continued: “And so [I’m] keeping Amber present and not going to her past and saying, ‘I screwed up, I messed up. What kind of mom am I?’”


The renowned life coach and psych expert shared insight on the tools she gives Amber on and off camera to help her “be easy on herself” and “gentle with herself.”

And most importantly, help her take her relationship reconciliation with her kids “one day at a time.”

Dr Bryant explained that she asks Amber’s questions including: “‘Hey, what are you doing today? What have you done today? Have you made a phone call [to the kids]? Have you reached out?

“Are you making sure that you are in a good space so that you can be the best parent you can be to your babies?’”


The Teen Mom: Family Reunion counselor further explained that every day is going to be different for Amber as a mom of two kids, just as it is for any parent.

“Some days it may feel like we’re bonding and it’s going amazing and I’m getting this parenting thing down pat- My kids are now getting to know me and there’s this future respect, but then some days it may feel like I’m totally just, you know, going off the deep end with this and I feel like I’m not showing up in the way that my kids need.”

A source recently told The U.S. Sun that Amber is definitely bonding with her son by spending time with him.

“Amber is now at the full visits with James that the court set forth for them in their final custodial decision.

“She has him five days a month, and her time with him alternates between California and Indiana,” the source said.

She also is “frequently” Facetiming with her toddler when she’s not physically with him.

“It’s tough on her, but she’s making it work,” the source added.


The Teen Mom OG star is “weighing her options” as to whether or not she’ll be exiting the franchise after 14 years.

The U.S. Sun previously revealed that she isn’t sure of her next move yet, but is considering venturing into real estate and flipping houses.

She’s also currently single as she focuses on motherhood. Her last public relationship ended in 2021.

Coach B, who works with the cast “around the clock,” shared with The U.S. Sun advice she gives the single moms on the show.

“I give an advice that they are really filling up their self-love cup- People love you at the extent that you love yourself, and that you show folks how to love you and how to respect you.

“And to be very clear about their boundaries and to understand that they don’t have to settle because they are Teen Moms,” she said.


Dr Bryant also advises to “pay very close attention to the repeated patterns” that were in their baby daddies or guys that they dated in the past that were “toxic and not not healthy.”

She shared: “If you see those same characteristics, I always tell the girls, ‘You break it. You get out the car and you exit. You get out of there quick.’

“You know, ‘What an amazing woman and mother I am to have enough self-love to pull out of this before it gets out of hand.’

“And so, I always make sure to give them the tool of self-love and to check in with yourself… ‘So this looks like what I had before and I don’t want it [now].’”

The Teen Mom: Family Reunion cast also includes Ashley Jones, Briana DeJesusCatelynn LowellCheyenne FloydJade ClineKayla SesslerKiaya Elliott, and Maci Bookout.

New episodes air on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on MTV.

MTVAmber lost custody of her son James last summer when an Indiana judge ruled in her ex’s favor[/caption]

InstagramJames now resides full-time in California with his dad Andrew Glennon[/caption]

MegaAndrew, Amber and James pictured together before the couple split in 2019[/caption]

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