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Sherri Shepherd insists her ‘life is at stake’ as she’s ‘motivated’ to get her ‘booty workout’ done in new video

Sherri Shepherd insists her ‘life is at stake’ as she’s ‘motivated’ to get her ‘booty workout’ done in new video

SHERRI Shepherd has flaunted her curves in a tight tank top and booty shorts in a new workout video.

The talk show host, 55, has insisted she’s motivated on her fitness journey because her “life’s at stake.”


In a new gym video on Tuesday, Sherri showed off her strength as she did pull-ups, jump squats, wide-leg deadlifts, squats with kettlebells, bicep curls, and overhead presses.

To get some cardio in as well, the comedian hit up the stationary bike.

Throughout the whole circuit, Sherri’s strong muscles were on display as she wore a tight purple tank top and tiny black shorts.

She wrote atop the video: “Booty workout w @bodysculpt… my wig is about to come off!”

Sherri got a bit more serious in the caption, sharing: “Sometimes motivation isn’t enough- self-discipline will carry you farther than motivation and as @bsimonefit said ‘and the body has no choice but to follow’

“Every one of my muscles is on fire but it’s my life at stake and I refuse to quit. 

“Thanks @bodysculpt for pushing me!”

Fans shared how proud they were of Sherri, with one writing: “You better go! Them pull ups ain’t no joke!”

A second gushed: “The LEGS!! You’re killin it Sherri!”

“She is tiiiiiiny! Fit as hell,” a third fan wrote.

“Look at you, sister,” a fourth followed commented. “And those Gams are looking tight. Go on with your bad self.”

Sherri has recently amped up her workouts lately and has been documenting her fitness journey on social media.

Last week, the star offered fans a look at another one of her intense gym sessions.

Wearing a pair of tight bike shorts, a lilac tank top, and bright blue sneakers, Sherri took turns using free weights and machines.

Throughout the video, she did squats, lunges, pull-ups, leg presses, deadlifts, and more.

Sherri captioned the intense workout video: “2023, I’m not playing!”

Followers cheered her on in the comments section, sending lots of love and encouragement.

One proud follower wrote: “Girlllll… you look fabulous. Dem legs are [fire]!”

A second told her: “Proud of you Sherri – fitness after 50 is brutal.”

A third fan commented: “Keep it going strong Sherri!!! Fitter & Finer!!”


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