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Kim Kardashian ‘caught in a lie’ after she accidentally exposes tell-tale beauty product in travel bag

Kim Kardashian ‘caught in a lie’ after she accidentally exposes tell-tale beauty product in travel bag

KIM Kardashian revealed she uses the lash-growing product Latisse after claiming her lashes are all natural.

Fans were also shocked to see common everyday-brand toiletries inside Kim’s Chanel bag in lieu of her exclusive SKKN brand.

kimkardashian/TikTokKim Kardashian’s fans were outraged to see her using Latisse, an eyelash growth product[/caption]

Instagram/@kimkardashianAfter Kim claimed her lashes are all natural, fans spotted the growth product inside of her cosmetics bag[/caption]

Kim compared her new SKKN Vanity Bag to other comparable designer products like her Chanel bag.

As Kim opened up her Chanel bag she has been using for travel, she revealed its contents included brands such as Neutrogena, CeraVe, Secret – and Latisse.

These brands Kim uses can be found at any local drug or bargain store.

Also, Kim has claimed she only uses a “drop of mascara” and that her lashes are all natural.

However, Latisse is a product that is supposed to aid eyelash growth.


Fans feel as if the wealthy reality star has been “caught in a lie” since she is using the lash growth product despite claiming her look is all natural.

She is also advertising her pricey products but still uses everyday bargain brands.

One fan called Kim out in an online forum: “Kim showing us she uses Latisse eyelash growth after claiming she doesn’t.”

A second commented: “When she opens her Chanel toiletries bag, she lets the cat out the bag and shows us her real products!”

A third shared: “It’s messed up she pretends she doesn’t and then shows us? Come on now, Kimmy.”

Yet a fourth chimed in: “Behold the bag of a billionaire. They’re just like us!”

A fifth fan argued: “She’s always been a fan of CeraVe; she mentions it often.”

Then a sixth fan added: “I doubt Kim uses half her products, she has such sensitive and problematic skin.”


On Tuesday, Kim announced her latest addition to her growing SKKN brand: the Vanity Bag.

In her Instagram post, Kim shared: “Introducing the Vanity Bag from SKKN — a minimalistic, travel-friendly case sized for all nine skincare products and more.”

The bag will be available for purchase on January 26 on Kim’s SKKN website.

Ahead of the launch, Kim took all of her fans inside the SKKN headquarters in Los Angeles.

Several of Kim’s friends including makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and hair stylist Chris Appleton attended.

All of her celebrity guests raved over the experience and enjoyed the lux experience wearing all-neutral tone robes to match the brand color scheme.

Instagram/kimkardashianFans also spotted several other drugstore products inside of Kim’s luxury makeup bag[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianKim’s fans questioned if the star even uses her luxury SKKN brand because of her sensitive skin[/caption]

GettyKim was advertising her SKKN Vanity Bag launching online on January 26[/caption]

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