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Wheel of Fortune fans grimace after contestant makes ‘unbelievably bad’ puzzle guess that leaves live audience gasping

Wheel of Fortune fans grimace after contestant makes ‘unbelievably bad’ puzzle guess that leaves live audience gasping

A CONTESTANT on Wheel of Fortune tried solving a puzzle with what fans called an all-time “fail” of a guess.

Brandie’s cringeworthy conclusion didn’t even “make sense” as it included letters that she had already picked.

Wheel Of FortuneBrandie’s horrific puzzle guess had fans screaming at their TVs[/caption]

Wheel Of FortuneShe declared ‘North, Ski, Tent, Telephone’ after already asking for an ‘N’ for the word connected to ‘Ski’[/caption]

The Long Beach, California flight attendant simply crashed and burned on the Wheel of Fortune crossword puzzle.

The category was “Polls” so each word was interconnected on the board and fell under that theme.

She had guessed an “E” as a vowel which Pat Sajak, 76, praised as “made good sense” as there were four of them.

Brandie also chose an “N” as well as a bunch of other letters.

When it was halfway completed, Brandi made her out-of-left-field guess, which technically couldn’t have possibly been right.

“North, Ski, Tent, Telephone” she declared, which got an incorrect buzz sound and a huge gasp from the crowd.

“That is not correct,” Pat said as Vanna White, 65, shook her head.

The puzzle wound up being solved by another contestant.

It was “South, Ski, Tent, Telephone.”

“North,” particularly seemed fallible since Brandie had already asked for an “N” and it hadn’t shown up in that word.

Lest we forget, the first word had to start with an “S” if it were connected to “Ski.”


Fans ran amock and the moment had quit the icy reception on Twitter, perhaps fairly so because it didn’t hold up to logic.

One user wrote sharing the clip: “Fail – the gasp of the audience is so good.”

Another person roared: “How could it be ski and North???”

A third replied: “Especially when she already called the ‘N’”

And a fourth: “I can not believe the contestant on Monday night’s episode got the South Pole incorrect.

“Especially after she said ‘Ski’ and the ‘N’ was already up there in the word ‘Telephone’ – and she says North instead of south!  I’m sorry but that is not a good player.”

A Houston-based reporter filmed himself pointing and harshly shouting at his TV: “Where do they find these f**king people!?”

Wheel Of FortuneFans spun into a frenzy over the ridiculous guess as one critic wrote on Twitter: ‘How could it be Ski and North?’[/caption]

Not known, clear with picture deskPat Sajak and Vanna White have hosted Wheel of Fortune for 40 years[/caption]

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