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Waterloo Road viewers break down in tears at Kelly Jo’s emotional diagnosis scenes

Waterloo Road viewers break down in tears at Kelly Jo’s emotional diagnosis scenes

WATERLOO Road fans were left heartbroken for pupil with ADHD in a hard-hitting storyline.

Pupil Kelly Jo Rafferty takes center stage in this week’s episode of the BBC drama, highlighting the realities of living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

BBCKelly Jo gets overwhelmed in a drama lesson[/caption]

BBCAmy tries to discipline Kelly Jo[/caption]

BBCDonte calms Kelly Jo down as he has a son with ADHD[/caption]

Much like the original series, the new reboot of Waterloo Road addresses many topics affecting teenagers today.

Student Kelly-Jo, played by Alicia Forde, is accused of “acting like a toddler” by her mum after she lashed out on her teachers and trashing the classroom.

But little did she know her daughter may have ADHD.

Her storyline is important as it goes against the age-old idea that it can only be seen in naughty boys.

Kelly Jo is often told: “You’re confrontational, you’re aggressive, you’re disruptive.”

And this week Kelly Jo had a meltdown after getting overwhelmed in a drama lesson.

It shows the way that sensory overload, internal hyperactivity and emotional regulation differences can spiral and build up when neurodivergent people are unsupported and not given the tools they need.

With her peers and teacher Amy shouting at her to calm down, Kelly Jo only got frightened ask she begged her teacher to not partner her up with anyone.

The distressing scenes worsened when a supply teacher criticises her attitude and makes a comment about her ending up in a “hole.”

Kelly Jo is fuelled with anger as her fellow classmates and teacher don’t understand her feelings.

She ended up throwing art supplies across the classroom and a stool out the window.

Suddenly Donte Charles cradled Kelly Jo and calmed her down.

Amy asked how Donte knew what to do and he informed her that his son Teddy as ADHD.

Later in the headteacher’s office, Kelly Jo is asked why she thinks her outbursts happen.

She responded: “Things just get on top of me and I don’t know why. Stuff that doesn’t bother anyone else bothers me.

“This morning I flipped out because I couldn’t find my right sock. Everything is always too much or too hard. And it’s the same in class miss.”

She added: “I feel like I should be doing something, but I don’t know what. Like I’ve missed what were supposed to be doing and it’s just the noise and the people on at me.”

Teacher Amy then makes the decision to make a referral for an ADHD assessment.

Fans were left heartbroken and in tears after watching Kelly Jo’s distressing scenes.

Some fans praised the the actress and her realistic portrayal of being a pupil with ADHD, as well as raising awareness.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “My heart broke for Kelly Jo & her struggles with ADHD.”

Another wrote: “Wow @WaterlooRoad the Kelly Jo #ADHD story line is amazing! Well done!”

A third penned: “Kelly Jo and Amy are fantastic portrayals of an ambitious and caring teacher and a student struggling with an undiagnosed condition.”

A fourth tweeted: “Kelly Jo in Waterloo Road has just had me in floods of tears. I really felt that.”

Kelly Jo’s story will continue and show her learning who she is and being supported by the school.

Waterloo Road airs on Tuesday nights on BBC One. All episodes are available to watch BBC iPlayer now.

BBCKelly Jo’s mum is called to discuss her feelings and next steps[/caption]

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