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I’m a former Love Island star and this is why Zara and Olivia hate each other so much, says Liberty Poole

I’m a former Love Island star and this is why Zara and Olivia hate each other so much, says Liberty Poole

LOVE Island star Liberty Poole is convinced Olivia Hawkins and Zara Lackenby-Brown have fallen out over a man outside the villa.

The warring islanders have made no secret of their dislike of each other on the show, with most assuming it’s to do with them knowing each other outside of the villa – even though they’ve been pretending they don’t.

Zara and Olivia are both fighting for TomErotemeErotemeOlivia and Zara have made no secret of their dislike of each other[/caption]

But Liberty – who appeared on the 2021 series – believes there’s more to it, joining a growing theory that Olivia and Zara dated the same man and that’s what caused their friendship to splinter.

In an appearance on YouTube channel LookingForLewys, Liberty spilled the beans on why she’s come to believe this, citing a ‘telltale’ comment from Olivia that gave the game away.



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“I’ve seen that they knew each other before the villa,” she said. “And also, what I have picked up on is that Olivia said, ‘Oh she had to kiss another guy I like, she’s done it again’.”

As the host gasped at the moment, Liberty said: “I picked up on that and I am thinking, ‘Hang on were you guys friends before and she’s got with a guy and you were mates and that’s why you are not friends anymore?’

“There’s that tension already and then she is saying she’s two-faced.”

“There’s something… there’s an underlying storyline there that we don’t know yet,” she concluded.

Liberty’s moment stunned host Lewys, who declared her Love Island’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

Olivia and Zara previously starred in a music video together back in 2019 – and fans have also unearthed Instagram comments where the pair were sending each other supportive notes underneath pictures.

However, it’s clear there’s no love lost between them, which is made even more complicated as they both pursued Tom Clare.

But now Zara seems to be getting her head turned, with Shaq now being considered as someone to potentially couple up with.

Love Island continues weeknights at 9pm on ITV2.

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