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I was on Tattoo Fixers – they promised to fix embarrassing inking on my bum but the result was even more disastrous

I was on Tattoo Fixers – they promised to fix embarrassing inking on my bum but the result was even more disastrous

STEPPING into the Tattoo Fixers studio, Gia Clarke hoped to finally rid herself of an embarrassing inking.

The holiday rep had previously had the words “No Possible!” tattooed on her bum, which was mocked for appearing like a racy sex joke.

Gia ClarkeGia Clarke appeared on the first series of Tattoo Fixers, which aired in 2015[/caption]

Gia ClarkeShe regretted her ‘No Possible!’ inking on her bum cheek[/caption]

Before appearing on the E4 show in 2015, Gia had been promised a peacock design from “one of the world’s best tattoo artists” to finally end her humiliation.

However, she claims Tattoo Fixers didn’t give her the design she wanted and – after suffering in the “freezing studio” for hours – it didn’t even cover her original dodgy inking.

Her warning comes after Katie Price last week teased her latest tattoo, having spent seven hours with show star Jay Hutton.

While Katie, who’s regretted previous tatts, appears to be impressed with the design, Gia, 28, was not quite so thrilled when she appeared on the show. 

Gia ClarkeThe quote reappeared weeks after the cover-up was done[/caption]

E4Gia says the studio was ‘freezing’ and she wasn’t happy with the piece[/caption]

It was a case of ‘ink before you think’ for Gia – then known as Georgia – when she got a bad tattoo of a broken English phrase on her bum in Spain.

It followed a drunk night out while working for the notorious Carnage event, in Magaluf, which was known for its wild nights of debauchery.

Content creator Gia said: “The Spanish bars used to say ‘No possible!’ because they didn’t want to let us in and bring all of our trouble, we were like the devil to them.

“I thought it was funny to get ‘No Possible!’ on my bum cheek but didn’t really think about the placement. People thought it meant no entry up a certain other passage.”

Gia posted a photo of the awkward inking of Twitter with “#S***Tattoo”, which was how casting producers from Tattoo Fixers contacted her.

‘Didn’t pick own tattoo’

Gia was invited on to the show and the night before was put in a hotel in Croydon, along with her boyfriend.

She said: “It was filmed in this freezing warehouse and I had to walk in and out of it 50 times to get the perfect entry shot.”

Ahead of filming, Gia spoke with the production team to discuss designs and sent photos of a black and grey peacock that she liked.

But when she visited the pop-up parlour, she claims the plan had changed completely and she ended up with a tattoo she didn’t want.

Gia said: “I wanted to milk it so sent a big design but when I got to the studio it was different. They didn’t tell me about the change to make it a peacock feather and it didn’t look like the one I wanted.

“They sat me down and showed me the design of a peacock feather. I felt under pressure to say yes and that I had to be alright with it and couldn’t say no.

“I felt bad because they had drawn it and trusted them because it was supposed be from ‘one of the world’s best tattoo artists’. 

“They didn’t let me pick the tattoo, which was ridiculous. If I knew I wasn’t getting the tattoo I wanted, I would never have done the show.”

‘Cover-up didn’t even work’

Gia describes the bum tattoo as “one of the most painful” she’s had and claims “numbing cream” was applied constantly to prolong filming.

“They were putting on more, more and more numbing creaming because it only works for so long,” she said.

“It’s not a miracle spray, it helps but after so long I eventually had to tap out due to the pain and ended up going back.” 

Gia asked for a peacock but got a peacock feather insteadE4

The peacock feather took two sessions to complete and initially appeared to have been covered but it wasn’t long before it was “clearly visible” again.

“After the first session, I could still see a bit of the black in there but was hopeful and was told to come back two weeks later,” Gia recalled.

“Then when they finished, it couldn’t be seen because it was taken straight away when the ink was still fresh.

“A couple of months later, when the scabbing had healed I could still see the original tattoo but now there was a s*** feather on top and everyone told me how bad it looked.”

Twitter@GiaXClarkeShe had another artist go over the tattoo but says the original is slightly visible[/caption]

Gia admits she “had doubts” after being told they would cover her black tattoo with baby blue ink but “trusted them because they were the professionals”.

She said: “You don’t have to be smart to know that baby blue doesn’t cover black, that’s why I sent a black and grey one.

“If they went with my original idea it would have blended in but instead it looked worse because of their mistake.”

Offers to fix ‘botched’ tatt

Gia sent a complaint to the Tattoo Fixers team and says she was offered another free tattooing session by the team but couldn’t as she was living in Spain at the time.

In 2016, Gia shared a Facebook post about her “botched” inking, writing: “If you want a good cover up don’t be conned into getting a free one on TV like me and many others did! 

“As you can see the result is s***! Go to a reputable cover up artist & thank me later.”

Offers flooded in from a number of tattoo artists offering to fix the design.

Eventually, Gia got the design redone by a friend but even now small bits of the original tattoo can be seen.

The inking draws a lot of attention online due to her work as an OnlyFans model, where she has 70,000 subscribers and posted saucy snaps in skimpy clothing.

She said: “My bum is one of my main selling points and thousands of people look at it every day but I don’t feel I can get rid of it now because of the story behind it.”

Gia, whose podcast series Stripped Off, which is about the adult industry, launches next month, says: “My bum is one of my main selling points and thousands of people look at it every day but I don’t feel I can get rid of it now because of the story behind it.”

The Sun has contacted Studio Lambert, who produces Tattoo Fixers, for comment.

Twitter @GiaXClarkeGia Clarke, who’s an OnlyFans model, says she’s mocked for the tattoo still[/caption]

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