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Little People’s Matt Roloff rips ‘negative people’ after he shares big update on $4M family farm & promotes next venture

Little People’s Matt Roloff rips ‘negative people’ after he shares big update on $4M family farm & promotes next venture

MATT Roloff has hit back at his haters with a big new update on the Roloff Farms short-term rental.

The Little People Big World star, 61, has come under fire from his family and fans for his decision not to sell the farm to his twin sons Zach and Jeremy.

TLCMatt Roloff has hit back at the ‘negative people’[/caption]

Instagram/mattroloffThe Little People Big World star claims his short-term rental is ‘going amazing’[/caption]

But Matt claims his “plan B”, to rent the $4million farmhouse via Airbnb, is proving to be successful.

Posting to Instagram on Friday, the patriarch shared a photo of himself doing some work on Roloff Farms with his youngest son Jacob and his son-in-law Joel Silvius.

The three had some repairs to do after a tough winter in Hillsboro, Oregon.

In the caption, Matt told his 781k followers: “The short-term rental is going amazing.”

He thanked his recent guests, including his daughter Molly and her husband Joel, and boasted “we’re getting great feedback”.

“It’s fun getting to meet [when I’m here] some very cool folks,” he continued.

“If you and your larger sized families have any interest in booking I would suggest sooner than later. About half of the weekends for this year are already booked.”

“Oh and yes, we are definitely doing Pumpkin Season 2023,” Matt announced.

Instagram / Matt RoloffRoloff Farms will be open for pumpkin season 2023[/caption]


The former Roloff Family home is available on Airbnb, Vrbo and iTrip with prices starting at around $590 a night.

However, Matt’s decision to launch the short term rental has not been without its criticisms.

The father-of-four is now on bad terms with his twins sons Zach and Jeremy, who originally wanted to buy the house from their dad.

After they failed to strike a deal, Matt then tried to sell the house privately with an asking price of $4million, but he received little interest.

As the family drama played out on Little People Big World, many viewers formed their own strong opinions on Matt’s Airbnb venture. 

In the comments section of his new post, one critic wrote: “Would be a fun place but right at $600 a night, a bit pricey for average folks.”

However, Matt replied: “It’s so big it’s really geared toward 3-4 couples splitting it, or multiple families having a vacation.”

Another more enthusiastic fan commented: “Congratulations on another successful venture.”

“Thank you for that,” replied Matt.

“So many negative people, nice to read a positive encouraging reply,” he added with a smiley face.

However, many fans have claimed they would feel “uncomfortable” staying at the house given the family’s opposition to Matt’s short term rental business.

Others think the property has “too many rules”, including a boundary map of areas on the farm which are and are not accessible to guests.

TLCMatt decided not to sell his family’s old home to his son Zach[/caption]

Instagram / Audrey RoloffThe snub also caused a rift between the patriarch and his other twin son, Jeremy[/caption]

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