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Amy Robach and TJ Holmes drama causing ‘low morale’ at ABC as stars plan ‘exit’ from morning show

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes drama causing ‘low morale’ at ABC as stars plan ‘exit’ from morning show

AMY Robach and TJ Holmes’ affair drama has caused “low morale” at ABC.

The co-hosts are planning their exit from GMA3, as they have been suspended for quite some time.

GMATJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s affair drama has caused ‘low morale’ at the network[/caption]

GettyThe hosts are not expected to come back to the show and are planning their exit strategies[/caption]

Page Six revealed that the ongoing investigation of the former hosts is a major distraction and headache for ABC employees.

Insiders told that outlet that they are losing patience with the boss, Kim Godwin, and how she is handling it.

Kim pulled Amy and TJ off the air in December, just days after the news of their affair broke.

“It’s going on two months! It’s been a two-month tabloid frenzy. The place is not in a very good place [to be],” said the insider.

They continued: “It’s affecting morale — not so much the talent. It’s the rank-and-file — the people who keep the lights on. Morale is at an all-time low.”

Kim defended herself, however, and told PageSix that she took them off the air because their affair became an “internal and external distraction.”

One insider told the publication that the reputation of their parent company, Disney, is at stake, if the hosts come back on the show.


Many GMA employees were confused because the couple wasn’t pulled off right away and when they did appear, the co-hosts did not address the situation.

News broke of their affair when the co-hosts were on air in late November, so they were allowed on the show for a few more days.

“Why tell people they didn’t violate anything and then take them off air? It makes no sense. There’s nothing consistent about her behavior except the inconsistencies of her behavior,” an insider said.

The insiders blame Kim for the messiness of the situation and say she was very indecisive and is prolonging the drama.

They said that fill-in host DeMarco Morgan was blindsided about his new role.

He was flown from LA to New York over night and “and he didn’t know that’s what he was coming for!” the insider claimed.


A source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Amy and TJ will not be returning to the morning show and are planning an exit strategy.

The hosts are unofficially out at GMA3, and seven weeks after being taken off the air, their newly-appointed legal teams are hammering out a plan with ABC’s attorneys and top executives to make a big announcement.

The source claimed: “ABC’s legal team takes a really long time because it’s a really small, but absolutely trusted team of attorneys.

“They are definitely dotting their I’s and crossing their T’s for Amy and TJ’s exit strategy.” 

While the network insider doesn’t know the specifics about what the coupled-up co-hosts future may or may not be at the network, “it’s clear they are not coming back to GMA3.” 

An insider close to Amy and TJ added that while nothing has been made official yet: “They are unlikely to return to the network at all.”

The network insider added: “ABC is going to pay a lot of money to make everyone happy and go away very, very quietly.

“There will be iron-clad NDAs signed and everything in their exit contracts will make sure there are no nuclear explosions in the aftermath.

“This whole situation was handled very poorly, and ABC’s legal team has their work cut out for them to make sure everything is just right.

The source also assured that Disney CEO Bob Iger “will absolutely have eyes on the final packages.”

Meanwhile, another source with knowledge of the negotiations added that Amy & TJ’s attorneys are currently in close contact with the network’s legal team.

“They are all working through strategies to make the hosts comfortable enough so that the network can move on from this as quietly as possible.”

As The U.S. Sun previously revealed, Amy and TJ believe they are getting sacked at the network. 

Instagram/ajrobachThe co-hosts started their affair back in the Summer of 2022, despite both being married to other people[/caption]

GettyTJ and Amy were suspended from the show in December, just days after their affair was made public[/caption]

Instagram/rhiannonallyFill-in host DeMarco Morgan was blindsided by his new position[/caption]

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