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Tanyel is ‘a walking red flag’ say Love Island fans – slamming her as ‘out of order’

Tanyel is ‘a walking red flag’ say Love Island fans – slamming her as ‘out of order’

LOVE Island’s Tanyel Revan has left viewers fuming after her behaviour in last night’s episode.

We saw the star getting jealous over love interest Kai Fagan talking to other girls.

Tanyel Revan and Kai Fagan had a heated chat in last night’s episodeRextanyelrevan/InstagramTanyel posed in a revealing orange ensemble on social media before entering the villa[/caption]

Tanyel’s reaction to Kai’s antics has left fans unimpressed though, with some even branding her a “walking red flag”.

In a clip posted to the official Love Island Twitter, Tanyel, 26, could be seen getting heated, with the post captioned: “Ron’s caught in a triangle, Tanyel’s feeling jealous, and a game of beer pong is causing even more chaos! #LoveIsland”.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, obviously, but I actually got really jealous,” the brunette beauty stated, as her and Kai sat down for a chat on the terrace.

The star sported a pink patterned dress that showed off her sun-kissed complexion as she continued to share her feelings, stating: “Yeah, I don’t like it,” regarding Kai chatting up Anna-May Robey.

She went on to say: “It really f****** annoyed me though, that you spoke to someone else and I actually wanted to literally get something and chuck it at your head.”

Tanyel even exclaimed: “I feel disrespected when someone’s talking to other people, kissing other people. It makes me sick because ‘hello – I am the woman here.’ Not anyone else.”

Fans were quick to point out Tanyel’s negative response, with one writing: “Tanyel is seriously giving off major red flag energy.

“Why is she getting so jealous of Kai talking to other Girls????

“It’s literally Day 4. He is allowed to get to know other girls  just like she is allowed to get to know other boys in the villa at this early stage.”

A second wrote: “Sorry but Tanyel is giving me psycho vibes wdym ‘im the only woman”‘ITS BEEN 3 DAYS.”

Another agreed, adding: “It’s been like 3 days Tanyel. are you for real?”

“It’s been a few days and she’s THIS jealous,” remarked another.

A fifth stated: “Tanyel bad move, bad move girl.”

Following their heated exchange, Kai, 24, headed to the Beach Hut and stated: “I think she’s realised that it’s not going to be as plain sailing as she thought it was gonna be, I think she’s realised that she actually really likes me.”

ITVOutside of the villa, Tanyel is a hairstylist[/caption]

Tanyel rocked a pink floral dress during the awkward exchangeRex

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