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Love Island fix row as fans claim feud is ‘set up by producers’

Love Island fix row as fans claim feud is ‘set up by producers’

LOVE Island fans have claimed that last night’s fiery bust-up between Olivia and Zara was “set up by producers”.

The pair almost came to blows after new bombshell Zara, 25, branded the boxing ring girl, 27, “two-faced” during the beer pong challenge.

Love Island fans have slammed the show as a ‘fix’ after last night’s clashErotemeErotemeBombshell Zara named Olivia the most ‘two-faced’ during the beer pong game[/caption]

In the game of dares, Zara was asked to kiss both cheeks of the islander she thought was the most “two faced”.

She picked Olivia, who did not look impressed.

When Olivia was then asked to reveal a secret about herself in the game, she took a swipe at Zara, saying: “Oh I have got a good one, I’m actually not two-faced I’m very straight up” 

And later Olivia still wasn’t over it, stressing to the girls that she is “far from two-faced.”

She added that she thought Zara was “calculated” and said she named her for “a reaction.

But fans have commented that the clash came out of nowhere and looked “staged”.

One fan wrote: “Word on the street is Olivia and Zara has known each other for 3 years and their beef on the show is production.”

Another posted: “Oooo so a situation happened outside the villa or Olivia must of acted like she didn’t know her when Zara came in… ok ok.”

A third echoed: “Zara and Olivia proper playing up to the cameras. Bringing the drama four days in yet they big each other up on the outside world on there Insta pictures…odd. Aren’t they both actress?!”

“I think Zara purposely chose Olivia as being the most two-faced as they knew each other before the show, they both act for more screen time,” one fan claimed.

But despite Olivia’s protests, fans weren’t buying it and took to twitter to agree with Zara.

“Olivia you are two-faced though, Lana is your friend but you didn’t tell her Tanyel is after her man.” one tweeted.

Another wrote: “Olivia is two faced Cus why did she take it that seriously mate.”

It comes after Zara chose to kiss Tom during beer pong, also upsetting Olivia.

Zara read out a dare on the bottom of her beer cup, which said: “Snog the islander you would couple up with if your current partner wasn’t in the villa.”

Pointing out that she is single, Zara made a beeline for footballer Tom Clare, 23 and the pair proceeded to have a steamy snog.

Of course, Tom is coupled up with Olivia and his lip lock with Zara came before Olivia nibbled his ear after being dared to do that to the boy she “most wants to have sexy pillow talk with.”

As Zara and Tom snogged, however, the islanders erupted in a chorus of cheers and Olivia looked noticeably displeased.

She was seen shrugging and not cracking a hint of a smile.

ErotemeOlivia was left fuming with Zara and ranted to the other girls[/caption]

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