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Today fans slam Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager for ‘absolutely disgusting’ habit they share with ‘intimate partners’

Today fans slam Hoda Kotb & Jenna Bush Hager for ‘absolutely disgusting’ habit they share with ‘intimate partners’

THE Today Show fans have slammed Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager for their “absolutely disgusting habit” that they share with their “intimate partners.”

The women revealed that they would let their partners use their toothbrush and found nothing wrong with it.

NBCHoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager revealed that they would let their partner use their toothbrush[/caption]

NBCThe women also said that they’ve shared deodorant before[/caption]

On Wednesday’s show, Hoda and Jenna discussed a story that went viral.

“So, this was a husband. He was outraged after he found out that his wife had been using his toothbrush,” Jenna explained.

“She says that she just uses it from time to time,” Hoda chimed in. “Don’t get all bent out of shape. She doesn’t use it daily.”

“And sometimes it can be by accident,” Jenna said.

“Maybe you confuse the brushes.”

“Especially on a trip,” Hoda said. “Because you bring one of those travel brushes and you’re like, ‘Is that yours?’”

“He says it’s quote ‘revoluting.’ Revoluting, he described her toothbrush as, because he doesn’t want to rub her plaque on his teeth,” Hoda said.

Jenna spoke up and said: “She says it’s not different than kissing. I was gonna say, I can tell you a way you rub plaque against somebody’s teeth. Teeth to teeth.”

“Yeah. Making out,” Hoda said, before questioning her co-host’s words. “Teeth to teeth? God, who are you kissing?”

“You know what I meant, mouth to mouth,” Jenna defended herself.

“Teeth to teeth is like when you don’t know how to kiss and you bang your teeth together,” Hoda said.


“Ok, so this is how we feel about it,” Hoda admitted.

“We, collectively, think sharing a toothbrush is no big deal.”

Jenna added that she “didn’t care.”

The Today host also added that it surprised her that Hoda would say that because she feels like she has been “gaslit.”

“You said it was no big deal-.”

“No big deal if you want to share you toothbrush with a husband or boyfriend,” Hoda corrected.

“Am I not-?” Jenna asked.

“You’re an intimate partner,” Hoda said, laughing.

Jenna then went on to tell a story about the two of them eating something that got all over their teeth.

She said her teeth were orange when they were done.

Hoda explained that she had a toothbrush in her bag and brushed her teeth.

Jenna asked if she could use Hoda’s toothbrush and she told Jenna that she could take some toothpaste, put it on her finger, and clean her teeth like that.

“That’s what confuses me,” Jenna said. “You said it was no big deal.”

“No big deal if you don’t have Cheetos or Doritos in your teeth,” Hoda said.

“That’s kind of icky. That’s a bridge too far.”

The women also shared that they have used each other’s deodorant before.

Jenna admitted that her husband doesn’t like them sharing toothbrushes but she sneaks it sometimes and uses his razors. as well.

“I can’t,” Hoda ended the segment.


The clip of them talking about the debate was posted to Twitter and fans reacted in the comments.

“Only after you dip it in lysol, scrub it with brillo and hit it with a blow torch,” wrote one follower.

“Absolutely disgusting,” said another.

A third added: “Gross.”

“No even my husband’s,” said another.

Many simple said: “No!”

“Eww no,” wrote one fan.

“Hell to the nope! Nuh uh,” commented one last Twitter user.

GettyJenna is married to Henry Bush Hager and they have three kids together[/caption]

NBCHoda shared that she didn’t think it was a big deal to share toothbrushes[/caption]

NBCJenna said that she sometimes uses her husband’s toothbrush and razor[/caption]

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