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Little People fans are convinced Tori Roloff is pregnant with her 4th child after watching suspicious new video

Little People fans are convinced Tori Roloff is pregnant with her 4th child after watching suspicious new video

LITTLE People fans have mistaken Tori Roloff’s makeup product for a pregnancy test in her newly shared video.

The TLC star already shares three children – Jackson, five; Lilah, three; and eight-month-old Josiah – with her husband Zach Roloff, 32.

Instagram/toriroloffLittle People fans are convinced that Tori Roloff is pregnant with her fourth child[/caption]

Instagram/Tori RoloffTori and her husband Zach Roloff share three children: Jackson, Lilah, and Josiah[/caption]

Tori, 31, posted the attention-grabbing “Get Ready With Me” video on her Instagram Wednesday.

She began the recording by greeting her followers and telling them: “You’re in my bathroom.”

The Little People, Big World star explained: “I’m here because I’m going to do a get ready with me.”

The TV personality then proceeds to apply her makeup, all while discussing her gym-going habits, her favorite makeup products, as well as other makeup tutorials.

In the comment section, fans offered different makeup application techniques and video tutorial advice to the blossoming influencer.

One person wrote: “Blend it down on your neck it looks really white and not matching your face.”

A second fan commented: “Looks natural and beautiful. If you post later the makeup brand and name or link to product,” before adding “It makes it easier for us watching to find it. But great video! You did fabulously!”

A third commenter mistook the “GRWM” video for a pregnancy announcement as they wrote: “I literally thought you were about to pick up another pregnancy test.”

“Same,” agreed another.

A fifth fan corrected: “No she is not having any more babies she answered that question a while back.”


Tori shared her son Josiah’s major milestone on social media as she recorded her eight-month-old son sitting up on his own.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories to post the sweet video captioned: “Learning new stuff!”

“Woah!” Tori exclaimed as Josiah sat up a little unsteady while staring at her camera.

The adorable tot sat next to his older sister Lilah, who happily played on a toy xylophone cheering him on.

While teething on a purple toy hairbrush, Josiah lost his balance and landed forward on his elbows as Tori said: “Woah!”

The infant gave a smirk to the camera, seemingly proud of his new accomplishments as Tori giggled.

It’s not the first milestone Tori has caught on camera.


In an Instagram Story, the LPBW star shared footage of baby Josiah drinking from his milk bottle. 

Without his mother’s assistance, Josiah appeared to be holding the bottle by himself. 

Tori captioned the bittersweet post: “It’s fine.”

“I’m not needed anymore!” she added along with a crying emoji.

Recently, the 31-year-old celebrated Josiah turning eight months old. 

She uploaded an adorable photo of her son lying on a mat.

The mat also had the 12 numbers of the months written on the front.

Josiah smiled as he sat down on the number eight.

Tori wrote: “This kid’s smile can light up a room! He is so social and loves anyone that will chat with him! He has been so much fun this month!” 

She continued: “We are consistently sleeping 12 hours! Praise Jesus. Josiah turned away with no food and had learned to yell for it when he was hungry. Si is rolling and scooting everywhere!

“Josiah loved his first Christmas and enjoyed all the leftover wrapping paper most!”

The mom of three concluded: “It makes me emotional thinking how much I stinking love this kid and grow more and more in love with him every day! Love ya, si guy!” 


Tori often posts sweet moments between her three children and recently posted a boomerang showing the siblings’ adorable bond.

In the clip, Tori and her husband, Zach‘s eldest child, Jackson, cuddled with his little brother while riding together in a wagon.

The five-year-old wrapped his arm around the eight-month-old, who donned a cozy light gray onesie.

Jackson softly smiled as he leaned close to the newborn, who was buckled into the seat.

Tori gushed over her sons’ interaction: “Just two bwuddas!!”

Hours earlier, the mom of three shared a cute video of her daughter Lilah enjoying a night in at the family’s Washington estate.

The mother-daughter duo was curled up on the couch watching a movie when the three-year-old started dancing to the music in the film.

Instagram/toriroloffLittle People fans mistook one of Tori’s makeup products for a pregnancy test[/caption]

Instagram/toriroloffTori recently showed off her 8-month-old son Josiah sitting up on his own in a new video[/caption]

Instagram/@toriroloffTori also captured her son Jackson hugging his baby brother in a sweet video[/caption]

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