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Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak looks annoyed after he accuses player of ‘making up her own rules’ in awkward moment

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak looks annoyed after he accuses player of ‘making up her own rules’ in awkward moment

WHEEL of Fortune’s Pat Sajak got shorter than usual with a contestant on Tuesday’s episode.

He accused Carmen of “making up her own rules” during an awkward exchange and one episode after a contestant formally asked for his job.

ABCPat Sajak looked annoyed and needed a moment[/caption]

ABCCarmen rang in and solved a puzzle before he called on her leading to an awkward scene[/caption]

The Wheel of Fortune episode’s $2K toss-up puzzle was under the category “Fun and Games.”

It proved to be just that for the contestants but maybe not for host Pat.

With just a “C” and “T” on the board, the leftmost Randy rang in but revealed: “I didn’t…” hinting he rang in accidentally and shrugged.

Pat laughed and allowed the letters to keep coming and the crowd also laughed nervously.

As more letters appeared, Carmen rang in and solved the puzzle before Pat called on her.

“Soccer tournament!” she announced and was awarded the bucks.

The camera cut to Pat who looked a bit over it all, waving his hand dismissively.

“I think it’s nice when contestants make up their own rules,” he joked.

The host then raised his eyebrows for a long pregnant pause with the crowd in silence.

He eventually asked the show’s announcer to take it away.

“Just rolling with it too, Pat” host Jim Thorton sided with Pat and said on voiceover.


Carmen did not make it to the bonus round with $11K, but she seemed shocked and so happy when her score was displayed.

“You’re very dramatic, Carmen” Pat shaded while standing beside her.

One fan on Twitter was bothered that he dismissed Carmen and Randy but he only shook Randy’s hand.

“Wait why didn’t Pat Sajak thank the Black lady? he shook the white guy’s hand” that user unabashedly accused.


While Pat’s shortness with contestants is part of his persona, he has made no secret that he and co-host Vanna White, 65, are nearing the end.

On Monday’s episode, a contestant named Eric tried to help his decision about a potential successor.

“Pat, listen, you’ve been doing this for 40 years, and I would love to have your job,” the enthusiastic contestant exclaimed. “As we say in show business, the show must go on. And I want the show to go on with me.”

As the audience gasped at the notion, Pat completely froze in place, looking as though his soul left his body.

The TV star finally asked: “Do you know something I don’t?” before he added, “No it’s good to have ambitions.”

Pat then told the contestant to “just leave a card,” with the official Wheel of Fortune Instagram noting that Eric did, indeed, leave his card.

ABCAfter Sally solved for ‘Soccer Tournament’ Pat shaded: ‘I think it’s nice when contestants make up their own rules’ and cut to a break[/caption]

ABCLast night the host froze in place when Eric offered to be his successor[/caption]

ABCHe and Vanna White have hosted their classic show for 40 years[/caption]

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