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Savannah Guthrie begs to know if she looks ‘sexy’ as Today co-hosts insist she does in uncomfortable live moment

Savannah Guthrie begs to know if she looks ‘sexy’ as Today co-hosts insist she does in uncomfortable live moment

TODAY host Savannah Guthrie has begged her co-hosts to know if she “looks sexy” while dancing.

They insist she does and it makes for an uncomfortable live moment.

NBCSavannah Guthrie participated in a fitness segment on the Today Show[/caption]

NBCShe asked her co-hosts if she looked sexy doing it and they told her she did[/caption]

During a fitness segment on Wednesday’s show, Savannah took part in a workout.

Fitness expert Stephanie Mansour stopped by Today to teach the hosts more about the benefits of the workout and some cool fitness gadgets.

Stephanie and Savannah put on special booties while standing on mats and skipped from side to side.

Savannah said she loved dancing, so she would really enjoy the workout.

Hoda Kotb, Al Roker, Craig Melvin, and Carson Daly all stood around and watched Savannah perform the workout.

After nearly falling, Savannah asked: “Does this look as sexy as I think it does?”

Craig replied with a sarcastic, “Yes it does!”

“It does,” Carson said, as Hoda just laughed.

Despite being in a dress and a slippery mat, Savannah did pretty well with the workout and didn’t seem to break a sweat.


Last August, Savannah showed off her skills when she participated in a workout session on live TV.

She showed off her fit figure in workout gear while exercising outside of Studio 1A.

The talk show host shared the photos from the broadcast on her Instagram Stories.

In one snap, Savannah stood in front of a crowd of women participating in the Jazzercise demonstration.

The mom-of-two donned black yoga pants with a purple leaf design, a tightly-fitted black sleeveless top, and red sneakers.

She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, leaving the front strands to frame her face.

While engaged in the exercise, Savannah appeared to be looking at the group’s fitness instructor for guidance.

Her colleague, Sheinelle Jones, who hosts the third hour of Today, also joined in on the class.

Savannah reminisced over the session by tagging Sheinelle asking her co-host, “sheinelle-y, remember that time?”

The journalist also posted solo shots she captured from the day, including one where she’s hyping up the crowd while holding a piece of paper and a microphone.

She appeared to be running in place as she motivated the group, yelling: “Okay girls, let’s feel that burn!”

Savannah poked fun at herself in another pic of her doing the exercise moves where she seemed to be snapping her fingers.

She pointed out the hand gestures with an arrow, commenting, “always be snapping.”

One final photo showed the news anchor enthusiastically running across the set with a big smile.

Savannah mocked her upbeat attitude, pointing an arrow at her expression with the words “big dork” written alongside it.

She also added the caption: “Jenny Joiner is ready to move!”


Despite Savannah wanting to look sexy while dancing, she did show off her comfortable side in a recent behind-the-scenes photo.

Earlier this week, the 51-year-old revealed that she wears comfy slippers while on air.

Posting to her Instagram Stories after Tuesday’s show, Savannah gave Today fans a peek under the desk.

She shared an image showing her in her full morning show glam with a blue blouse, metallic skirt, and a full face of makeup.

But on her feet, she wore a pair of comfortable-looking fluffy slippers.

Her co-host Carson, 49, turned around from his seat at the desk and pulled a shocked face at her unusual choice of on-air footwear.

“Why yes, I did switch to slippers,” wrote Savannah over the photo.

She also drew an arrow at Carson’s face and posted a laughing emoji.

In the next slide, she shared a photo of the same outfit, but with a pair of silver stilettos in place of the slippers.

“When heels kill,” she explained.

Today showThe other hosts participated in various exercises as well[/caption]

NBCSavannah showed off her comfy slippers backstage earlier this week, despite wanting to look sexy[/caption]

NBCSavannah has shown off her fit figure in the past, during various exercise segments[/caption]

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