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GMA’s Robin Roberts shares about ‘worry and stress’ in cryptic new video amid Amy Robach & TJ Holmes’ suspension

GMA’s Robin Roberts shares about ‘worry and stress’ in cryptic new video amid Amy Robach & TJ Holmes’ suspension

GOOD Morning America host Robin Roberts has shared a message about feeling “low” in a new video.

This comes amid the suspension of her co-hosts, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes.

InstagramGood Morning America host Robin Roberts has posted a video about ‘worrying and stress’ to Instagram[/caption]

GettyThis comes as her co-hosts Amy Robach and TJ Holmes remain suspended from the morning show[/caption]

On Wednesday morning, Robin posted her usual weekday morning video to Instagram.

“Here we are with the morning message and prayer,” she began.

“Remember what my momma would always say? ‘Everybody’s always got something.’”

Robin continued: “Well, are you letting your something, your circumstances – a medical report, a financial situation – ’cause you to live worried and stressed out?”

“Why don’t you start considering your miracles? Remember the time God showed up and suddenly turned it around? Every victory he has given you wasn’t just for that time. It was so you could go back and use it as fuel to build your faith.”

The GMA host ended: “If you are low on fuel, go back and get some fuel. It is in your past victories.”

Robin then ended the video with the prayer for the day and wished everyone a blessed day.


Amy and TJ were caught on PDA-filled dates back in November.

The co-hosts were married to other people at the time and later filed for divorce.

The morning show suspended them both after news broke of the affair.

There has been no word on if or when the hosts will return to GMA3.

Amy and TJ have not been on the show since the scandal was made public.

A source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that their future on the show “remains in limbo,” as ABC’s investigation into the potentially problematic inter-office relationship continues.

“Amy and TJ have been off the air a full six weeks now, and while they thought there would be a resolution by now, ABC has still not made a determination as to their future at GMA3 or the network in general,” the source said last week.


The U.S. Sun also learned back in November that Robin and George Stephanopoulos were furious to learn about their co-hosts affair scandal.

A source close to GMA production exclusively told The U.S. Sun that George and Robin took great pride in their team’s reputation for demonstrating strong family values and happy marriages – until it all came crashing down.

“George and Robin do not like this. This is very messy,” the source explained, adding that the pair once prided themselves on not having a scandal like Today suffered in 2017.

“They prided themselves on not having a sex scandal, like Today once did with Matt Lauer.

“They were so proud all their hosts were decent, married, and committed people.” 

The source said that the news is more painful to Robin, who has an extremely close bond with Amy. 

“Amy and Robin are really close.

“Robin convinced Amy to get what would end up being a lifesaving mammogram on live TV. Their bond is very strong.” 

The source added: “Robin is an idealist. She is the boss. When something goes off the rails, she jumps in and tells people to tidy the mess up.

“And I’m not so sure there’s a way to tidy this one up. This is all very dirty for a morning show.” 

InstagramRobin said to look back in your past and remember your victories[/caption]

GettyAmy and TJ have been involved in an affair with each other since last Summer, despite being married to other people[/caption]

ABCRobin and George Stephanopoulos are reportedly ‘furious’ about the scandal[/caption]

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