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Inside Josh Duggar’s ‘disgusting’ prison conditions including bug-ridden food, moldy mattresses and dirty shower water

Inside Josh Duggar’s ‘disgusting’ prison conditions including bug-ridden food, moldy mattresses and dirty shower water

JOSH Duggar has been forced to endure “disgusting” prison conditions including bugs in his food, mattresses covered in mold, dirty shower water and more. 

Josh, 34, is serving a 151-month sentence for his child pornography conviction at FCI Seagoville in Dallas, Texas.

GettyJosh Duggar has been forced to endure ‘horrible’ prison conditions, according to a fellow inmate’s loved one[/caption]

bop.govJosh is serving a 151-month sentence at FCI Seagoville[/caption]

The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal Josh and nearly 2,000 of his fellow inmates live in “horrible” conditions, according to a family member of one of the prisoners at the facility.

The source claimed to The U.S. Sun: “The food they get is regularly expired. They’re just like really disgustingly expired, always by at least a couple of weeks. And it’s like milk. All sorts of like stuff that can’t be expired for that long.

“They had a run of cereal that had bugs in it, and so people just couldn’t eat their cereal because it was filled with bugs.”

The insider continued to allege that the prison “runs out of food kind of often.”

The source claimed: “It’s only ever been like a one or two-day thing at a time, but the portions are also small enough to where if you can’t afford to buy food on commissary, you’re going hungry.”


The inmate of the family member allegedly lives in a four-person cell with eleven other prisoners, as cells are often “overcrowded.”

The source claimed: “All of the beds touch each other and there are bunk beds. It’s small, it’s dirty. They do have cleaning supplies for the cell, like to mop it and keep it clean, but they have to share water among the entire dorm so it’s super disgusting by the time anybody gets to use it. It’s dirty. 

“There’s mold all up in the mattresses. It’s really gross.”

The source also claimed plumbing inside the prison is “always messed up.”

The loved one added: “There was a nationwide lockdown last year because of a fight in another Texas prison. During that the plumbing got so bad that people were literally sh**ting in the corners of the hallways because they couldn’t go to the bathroom. 

“When my family member takes a shower, a lot of times dirty shower water from like the shower above him will come down on him. There’s hot water sometimes, but not other times.”


The prison runs on generators, according to the insider, causing daily power outages. 

The source alleged: “They go without electricity or heating for days, even when a big cold front came through Texas. They didn’t have any hot water for days at a time. They’ve been through six generators in the past six weeks because they keep burning them out instead of just fixing the electricity.”

Conditions go down to the 50s when the heat goes out. 

The source also alleged the prison “has rats.”

The insider added: “It’s just old, rundown. It’s been run down to the point of negligence and neglect. Nothing really works the way it’s supposed to work. 

“Try to think about if you think of a school that hasn’t been taken care of for about 50 years. That’s kind of what it’s like so you know, linoleum floors, cinderblock walls, that kind of thing.”


Loved ones of Seagoville inmates have turned to a private Facebook group to vent over their shared frustration at the conditions. 

One member wrote: “My [loved one] tells me that the food in the kitchen is almost always expired/old/moldy and the bulk packaging it comes in will literally say things like ‘not fit for human consumption’ but that’s what they give them.”

A second said: “Not enough food, commissary prices increased and no healthy choices. They’re always canceling commissary, lockdown, no outdoors, no programs, no music, no church, nothing to keep them busy.”

A third commented: “Sewage, infestation problems of all kinds of animals. No AC or heat. Faulty wiring. Unfair pay and unfair increase to items for them to pay. Unfair financial challenges for families to support an inmate.”


FCI Seagoville has faced years of controversy.

The all-male minimum security prison made national headlines in 2020 for the dubious distinction of having over 72% of its population infected with COVID.

CNN reported in August 2020 that at least three inmates had died at that point with one of the inmate’s family members calling the facility a “petri dish.”

In another instance, the Bureau of Prisons and the Seagoville warden at the time were sued by an inmate over the conditions within the facility in a civil rights action. 

In a complaint reviewed by The U.S. Sun, the inmate alleged that overcrowding exacerbated a number of conditions inmates faced inside the prison. 

The inmate, Jed Lineberry, said the overcrowding added to an “increased exposure to a violent environment,” among a slew of other allegations in the federal filing.

His claims were ultimately dismissed since he had already been transferred to another facility.  


Josh was arrested and charged with possessing and receiving child pornography in April 2021. 

The trial lasted two weeks before the jury submitted a guilty verdict. 

He was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison in May.

The U.S. Sun reported he was transferred from Washington County Jail to FCI Seagoville in June.

Josh filed an appeal, blaming a co-worker for the crimes.

The appeal case remains ongoing.

His release date on the Bureau of Federal Prisons website is August 22, 2032. 

His wife Anna, 34, has stood by her husband’s side, as she is raising their seven children together in their hometown of Arkansas.

ABC 8The prison has expired food, overcrowding, no heat and more[/caption]

GettyInmates go without food for days at a time, according to the insider[/caption]

Toby CanhamLoved ones of inmates are frustrated over the conditions[/caption]

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