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The View guest suffers wardrobe malfunction after getting too excited in wild show moment

The View guest suffers wardrobe malfunction after getting too excited in wild show moment

LESLIE Jones has suffered a wardrobe malfunction while making a guest appearance on The View on Monday.

The 55-year-old comedian had to quickly recover after the blunder, which occurred after she got a bit too excited while discussing her new projects.

ABCLeslie Jones suffered a wardrobe malfunction while appearing on The View on Monday[/caption]

ABCThe mishap occurred after she started excitedly answering a question from host Alyssa Farah Griffin[/caption]

On Monday, Leslie hit up The View – which was pre-taped for the holiday – to chat about her role on Our Flag Means Death, as well as her guest-hosting gig on The Daily Show.

The actress has a recurring role on HBO Max’s comedy as a polyamorous pirate named Spanish Jackie, who at one point had 20 husbands.

After bringing this all up, host Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Leslie how she prepared for such an interesting role.

This made the comedian crack up and open up all about how she’s a 55-year-old woman and has lived a life.

Getting excited while discussing everything and laughing with all of the panelists sitting on either side of her, one of Leslie’s earrings ended up falling off.

She was in the middle of shaking her head side to side when it fell out and hit the table.

“Oh OK, lost earring,” Leslie said, quickly picking it up and working to put it back in her ear. “There it is right there. You know when a Black girl loses their earring. It about to be out!”

This isn’t the first time this season that there’s been a wardrobe malfunction on the show.

A few months ago, Sara Haines had her own blunder while co-hosting The View.

After her colleagues took turns complimenting Joy on how “amazing” she looked, Sara admitted she was having trouble looking so good herself at that moment.

While laughing, she revealed to everyone, live on air: “I just ripped my skirt.”

“You know when I said it was tight? Look at this,” she said, standing up to show the other panelists.

Sara went on, joking: “I can’t breathe, it was a really good vacation.”

A few weeks later, her co-hosts Alyssa had a mishap of her own, but it was luckily caught before the show started.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed Alyssa suffered a wardrobe blunder during the October 6 taping of the show and was forced to change. 

A source claimed to The U.S. Sun: “Alyssa told the audience during one of the breaks that she had a ‘wardrobe malfunction.’

“She explained how she and her glam team were excited about a dress she was going to wear for the episode.”

The insider claimed talk show host Tamron Hall, who was a guest on the episode, had picked out the same dress, forcing Alyssa to wear a yellow frock instead. 

When Tamron came on for her segment, she wore a silver dress that was different from the one Alyssa had planned to wear. 

The insider continued: “The audience warmer asked Alyssa how she felt because she could’ve worn the dress she wanted. She just said how well Tamron pulled off the dress she chose.”

ABCLeslie’s earring fell out and dropped to the table, and she quickly worked to put it back in her ear[/caption]

ABCEarlier this season, host Sara Haines had a wardrobe malfunction of her own and had revealed she’d ripped her skirt live on air[/caption]

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