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GMA’s Michael Strahan is missing from show again hours after he celebrates major victory with pals on rival news network

GMA’s Michael Strahan is missing from show again hours after he celebrates major victory with pals on rival news network

GOOD Morning America’s Michael Strahan has been absent from the ABC show again.

On Monday’s installment, co-host Cecilia Vega, 46, filled in for the missing GMA host. 

Instagram / Michael StrahanMichael Strahan celebrated the New York Giants win over the Minnesota Vikings[/caption]

GettyMichael Strahan was absent on Good Morning America after appearing on Fox Sports[/caption]

Instagram / Michael StrahanMichael bragged about the Giants win in his Instagram video[/caption]

The ex-New York Giants star was previously celebrating a huge victory on a rival news network.

As a studio analyst for the NFL on Fox Sports, Michael, 50, enjoyed the Giants’ win over the Minnesota Vikings.

The sports victory meant the Giants will be entering the playoffs for the 2023 Super Bowl championship.

In an Instagram post, the former footballer shared a behind-the-scenes video from his sports desk.

While celebrating the team’s win, Michael said: “Yeah! Giants baby!

“Look at all these happy guys! They picked Minnesota!

He closed: “Only one of us believed!”

Back in 2007, Michael was part of the Giants team when that won Super Bowl XLII against the New England Patriots.


GMA fans know that Michael has been absent from the morning show nearly every Monday.

As an analyst, the TV star reports on the West Coast on Sundays, which makes it difficult for him to return to New York the following morning.

Fans usually watch the ABC star on their screens about four days a week.

However, Michael has sparked concern with his absences, especially since he is out more than other co-stars, such as Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

After the holidays, Robin, 62, and George, 61, returned to work on the morning show, but Michael was still on break. 


Recently, Robin mocked her co-star during their pop culture segment with George and Lara Spencer.

After Lara talked about how having a pet can help with the memories of senior citizens, Michael stood up from his chair.

“Now. I gotta leave you guys,” he said.

 Robin replied: “Where are you going? Where you going?”

“Why?” asked Lara.

“Just trying to strut. I gotta strut,” Michael yelled as he buttoned up his suit jacket.

He added: “It’s not a walk. It’s a strut,” while crossing one leg over the other.

“Not like that!” Robin jokingly said.

Michael cracked up before he went on with the Deals and Steals segment.

After the Deals and Steals segment ended, Michael sat in his chair while eating his snack during the commercial break.

Because he did not finish in time, Robin called him out and asked: “What were you doing over there, Michael?” 

Michael seemed embarrassed as he grinned wide with a mouthful of food.

Robin joked: “Mom always said, ‘Don’t eat with your mouth full!’”

GettyMichael pictured with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos at their news desk[/caption]

ABCCecilia Vega filled in for Michael while he was absent from the morning show[/caption]

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