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American Pickers’ Danielle Colby looks unrecognizable in pic taken 20 years ago before rise to fame & glamorous makeover

American Pickers’ Danielle Colby looks unrecognizable in pic taken 20 years ago before rise to fame & glamorous makeover

DANIELLE Colby has shared a throwback photo to the days before her fame, and she looks unrecognizable.

The American Pickers star shared the photo memory from 20 years ago to her personal Patreon account.

Patreon / Danielle ColbyDanielle Colby shared a throwback pic[/caption]

InstagramThe burlesque performer looked unrecognizable to fans[/caption]

In the pic, Danielle had short cropped hair, clear skin and no visible tattoos.

She was even fully dressed in the snap – something the burlesque star repeatedly isn’t in pictures.

Danielle, 47, explained: “While I was in Chicago visiting my niece I came across a box of my old photos.

“This picture was taken about 20 years ago with my bestie Nicole before we hit the club.

“I had Miles (her son) by then and Nicole and I were waitressing together at a local restaurant in Davenport Iowa.

She continued: “We watched out for each-other and covered each others a***s.

“We developed a lifelong friendship that has grown in love and compassion through the years.

“She was always so stylish and confident. We were a force!

“Hell, we still are.”


In the comments section, fans were shocked by what they saw and wildly approved.

“Holy Mother of Moses,” one person exclaimed. “Once again ur gorgeous.”

Another added: “You had a short haircut, and yet with any haircut you look great. Thank you for sharing this picture from your past.”

While a third shared: “I love retro photos like this one. These photos bring back such amazing memories. It’s a cool feeling.”


Danielle was way more covered up than many of the photos she shares with fans.

Just days ago, she stripped completely naked in a spicy new Instagram photo. 

The reality star ditched her clothing and took a dip into a white tub.

With her hair soaking wet, the star showed off her tattoos and perked up her booty at the camera.

She appeared to be swimming in a tub full of rainbow-colored chips.

“Who’s ready for a midnight snack?” Danielle asked her followers.

“So hot!” one person reacted as another follower added: “Been crushing on you since season one!”

Danielle ColbyThe reality star has a different look now[/caption]

Instagram/Danielle ColbyDanielle is often less dressed in photos for fans[/caption]

Zachary Maxwell Stertz/HistoryShe is also a host on American Pickers[/caption]

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