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The most bizarre Teen Mom pets featuring Farrah Abraham’s goats and Bristol Palin’s kids’ kangaroo

The most bizarre Teen Mom pets featuring Farrah Abraham’s goats and Bristol Palin’s kids’ kangaroo

TEEN Mom stars have had some unusual pets through the years, from goats to kangaroos and more.

Farrah Abraham, Bristol Palin, and other MTV stars have shocked fans with their furry family additions.

Instagram/bsmp2Teen Mom fans have been introduced to some wild pets through the years[/caption]

Instagram/ Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham and other MTV stars have added unusual animals to their families[/caption]

Teen Mom fans have been tuning into the reality series for more than a decade, following along as the cast raises their children.

In that time, they’ve also been privy to watching their families grow in other ways, including the addition of pets.

Recently, Farrah revealed that she surprised her daughter Sophia with baby goats.

Fans weren’t pleased with the reveal, noting that the controversial TV star and her only child live in an apartment.

Farrah shared several photos celebrating their new pets, including one of Sophia cradling a black goat in her arms.

She wrote: “@sophialabraham got a baby goat today! Awh!!!”

She also posted a video of herself with her white coat, squealing, “Oh my gosh look at the baby goat hoof!” while holding up its hooves.

She captioned the clip: “So did I! Baby moon, new baby goat! Adorbs.”


Instagram/ Farrah AbrahamFarrah recently gifted her daughter Sophia a goat and got one for herself[/caption]

Farrah has been accused of mistreating animals in the past and fans made similar accusations after the goat reveal.

One wrote on Reddit: “Doesn’t she live in an apartment in Austin? How is she providing housing for these poor babes?”

Another posted, “So irresponsible,” and a third raged: “Ugh. Nooooo!!! These poor animals!”

“She does NOT need animals. What about that poor pony [Farrah’s pony Starburst]? She doesn’t know the first thing and will probably cage them. Poor things,” one user added.

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed in the past that Farrah was keeping a pair of peacocks in her apartment.


Instagram/bsmp2Bristol Palin revealed her ex Dakota Meyer got their kids a kangaroo[/caption]

Bristol Palin, who briefly appeared on Teen Mom, may have topped Farrah’s wild pets.

The Alaska native’s ex-husband Dakota Meyer faced major backlash after he surprised their kids with a kangaroo as a pet.

Shortly after Christmas, Bristol took to her Instagram page to share a reel where she compared the Christmas gifts she bought for her kids to the ones her ex bought them.

She displayed a snap of her three kids – Tripp, 14, Sailor, seven, and Atlee, five – standing with their presents beneath the tree.

“I just have to show you guys the Christmas I gave my kids. So nice, mellow, humble, sweet, versus the Christmas that their dad gave them,” she explained with a voiceover.

The video then switched to a clip of Bristol’s ex-husband Dakota holding a baby kangaroo.

She wrote over the image: “A kangaroo… WTF???”

She captioned the post: “I could never one-up this guy.”

Fans flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with one writing: “Not impressed.

“Wild animals should be left in the wild.”

“I was like WTH where do you even buy a kangaroo and is it legal????” a second commented.

A third complained: “The kangaroo is cute now but when it grows up, wow, where would you keep it? 

“That’s not a household pet! How do you potty train a full-grown kangaroo? I like Dakota but wow.”

“Wait what!? A kangaroo??? But why!?” a fourth asked.

“What on earth are they going to do with a wild animal as a pet?! It’s cute now while it’s little but once it gets big,” a fifth slammed.

“Cringe. I give it a few months,” a final agreed.


Instagram/@chelseahouskaChelsea Houska has a variety of farm animals[/caption]

Chelsea Houska has always had a wide array of pets.

During her time on Teen Mom, the star and her then-boyfriend Cole Deboer brought a pet pig into their lives.

Fans loved watching the pig and Chelsea’s daughter Aubree interact.

Since moving into their massive South Dakota mansion, the pair have started a veritable farm.

They have goats, pigs, highland cows, and more.

Chelsea regularly shows off her beloved farm animals on social media.

In 2022, she shared a sweet snap of her kids enjoying time with the goats.

A year prior, she showed off their one-eyed cat, which her daughter Aubree was playing with.

Instagram / Down Home DeBoersShe and Cole DeBoer have cows, goats, pigs, and more[/caption]

Instagram/bsmp2Bristol faced major backlash over her kangaroo[/caption]

Instagram/farrahabrahamFarrah was also slammed for getting goats when she lives in an apartment[/caption]

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