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Jeopardy!’s Sam Kavanaugh claims he can ‘beat any one’ of the players on Masters spinoff after he’s snubbed from show

Jeopardy!’s Sam Kavanaugh claims he can ‘beat any one’ of the players on Masters spinoff after he’s snubbed from show

JEOPARDY!’s Sam Kavanaugh has displayed his confidence at and shared how he would do on the Masters tournament special.

Sam argued online that he has not reached his “full Jeopardy! potential.”

ABCAmy Schneider, Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach will compete in Jeopardy’s Masters tournament[/caption]

© 2021 Quadra Productions, Inc., photographer Carol Kaelson. All rights reserved.Sam Kavanaugh- who claimed he could ‘beat anyone of these contestants’- was snubbed from the show[/caption]

The 2021 Tournament of Champions winner claimed online he was “about 80 percent of the way there” last year.

He tweeted: “I think I can beat anyone of these contestants” in the new Jeopardy! Masters tournament. 

Although he will not compete in Masters, Sam hoped there would still be “a chance to do so in the future.”

Recently, ABC announced Ken Jennings as the host of their new special. 

Among the contestants are notables Amy SchneiderJames HolzhauerMatt AmodioSam ButtreyAndrew He, and Mattea Roach.

These players will be facing off for the title of Jeopardy! Masters champion.

Sam, who was not invited, appeared upset about being snubbed from the game show spinoff.

After the announcement, he claimed to be excited about a potential call to appear on the show. 

Later on, Sam opened up about feeling disappointed: “Well, seeing the news today, that I am not invited to the Jeopardy Masters was a bit of a gut punch.

“Nothing is ever guaranteed. So I wasn’t planning on it. But because every other ToC winner in history was invited to a subsequent tourney, I was planning *for* it.”

He closed: “With that sting of disappointment, will I be watching J Masters? Absolutely. I will. 

“These six are great players & great people, and they will put on a good show.”

Sam previously posted a GIF of Elmo lifting weights when an early concept was floating around.

He wrote: “Time to consider getting back into Jeopardy-ready form, I guess!” 


On the Inside Jeopardy! podcast, producer Sarah Foss and executive producer Michael Davies opened up about the upcoming tournament.

Michael said he expected to “build something permanent” while hoping Masters would become “an annual event.”

The executive producer also discussed how the ratings for the 2022 Tournament of Champions – in which Amy won – played a huge factor.

Michael added: “The Tournament of Champions is fabulous, amazing, but only for the previous season. It is not for everybody.

“You look at Amy Schneider. You look at who gave her a run for her money in the [2022] Tournament of Champions. They rank up there.”

He mentioned how Masters will become “the pinnacle event, the top of the pyramid of all of Jeopardy!”

Michael concluded: “We need to know who is the best in any given year – I would like to see every elite player compete again [at some point].”

Carol KaelsonSam said being ‘not invited to the Jeopardy Masters was a bit of a gut punch’[/caption]

ABCFan favorites including Amy Schneider and Mattea Roach will be on the spinoff[/caption]

Jeopardy!Ken Jennings will serve as host of Jeopardy’s Masters[/caption]

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