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The View’s Whoopi Goldberg stands up in her seat as she furiously defends celebrity guest in heated moment on live show

The View’s Whoopi Goldberg stands up in her seat as she furiously defends celebrity guest in heated moment on live show

THE View host Whoopi Goldberg has stood up in her seat on live TV during a heated moment.

On Thursday’s show, the women of the View talked with TV host and comedian Chelsea Handler about hosting the Critics Choice Awards and more.

ABCWhoopi Goldberg went on a rant on live TV and defended guest Chelsea Handler[/caption]

ABCShe stood up and yelled, ‘The answer is no!’, after people kept asking if Chelsea wanted kids[/caption]

Chelsea gave her opinion on whether or not George Santos should resign, along with Elon Musk running Twitter.

Then, the women talked about her and her career, including being a guest host for The Daily Show.

Sunny Hostin then talked about the comedy skit they showed at the beginning of the segment and how Chelsea talked about how some mothers shouldn’t have had children.

Chelsea then went on to say that she is “unapologetic” about not having kids and think more women should stand up about them being “childless by choice.”

“I’m 47 and people are still asking, ‘Are you sure?’ I’m sure. I’m positive,” she said.

They then talked about how older women can still have children, but Chelsea said she had the opportunity and said no.

“Look, she doesn’t want them,” Whoopi said.

“The bottom line is Chelsea Handler doesn’t want any kids and why are you making it your business to ask her about it?”

She continued: “Ask her how she is. Ask her how the dogs are. Don’t ask her if she wants kids.”

Whoopi then stood up in her seat and leaned over the desk and said: “The answer is NO!”

The panel and Chelsea laughed before moving on to the next topic.


On the same episode, right before the show went to commercial and before Chelsea came out, Whoopi said how grateful she was to have the job she does.

Many fans wanted her off of the show after insulting comments.

She discussed her role as Miss Willa on the series Godfather of Harlem.

“I’m really glad to get the gig,” she said.

She joked: “I like to have some fun sometimes, I’m happy to be doing that.”

Co-host Joy Behar asked “Is this not fun for you?” as she referred to Whoopi’s role on The View.

“This is fun,” Whoopi replied, “but that’s REALLY fun.”

The audience erupted into cheering as Whoopi clarified that both gigs are fun.

She continued: “Nobody is luckier on television than I am to have this gig.”

Whoopi has been the subject of frustrated fans’ ire for some time.

After making antisemitic comments and acting out live on air, many have called for her to be fired from the show.


Despite defending their guests, Whoopi has made fun of her co-hosts while on air.

Earlier this week, she and her co-hosts mocked Joy for her outfit.

They thought she looked like Beetlejuice and Cruella de Vil.

The women walked out from behind stage and waved to the audience.

As the women all sat down at the desk, Whoopi tried not to laugh as she looked over at Joy.

The 80-year-old wore black pants and a black shirt with a black and white striped blazer.

“Joy,” Whoopi said, as they both laughed.

“Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” Sara Haines recited the famous line from the movie.

“She’s like accentuating her waist,” Sunny said.

“Didn’t you try to sell me some sneakers?” Whoopi asked. “At Foot Locker.”

The moderator was referring to the black-and-white striped uniform the employees wear at the shoe store.

“She did,” Sara said off camera as Joy laughed.

“Yes, I did,” Joy joked. “This is like a football player because I got the shoulders to do it.”

Joy’s jacket had pointy shoulders, like one would see on a football player.

“I don’t know how anyone can see your shoulders through the stripes,” Sara said.

Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in at the end: “I was thinking Cruella de Vil.”

ABCChelsea said that she is 47 and has had the opportunity, but just didn’t want any[/caption]

ABCWhoopi loves defending the guests on the show so much that she is ‘so lucky to have this gig’[/caption]

GettyChelsea is set to have a guest host week on The Daily Show[/caption]

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