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GMA’s Robin Roberts throws major shade at Michael Strahan as she mocks him in awkward moment live on air

GMA’s Robin Roberts throws major shade at Michael Strahan as she mocks him in awkward moment live on air

GOOD Morning America host Robin Roberts has thrown major shade at her co-host, Michael Strahan, live on air.

The host strutted off the set and Robin told him he was doing it wrong and then came back with another comment minutes later.

ABCRobin Roberts threw major shade at her co-host, Michael Strahan on live TV[/caption]

ABCShe told him he was strutting wrong[/caption]

On Thursday’s show, Michael and Robin were joined by George Stephanopoulos and Lara Spencer for the pop culture segment.

After Lara talked about how having a pet can help with Senior Citizens memories, Michael got up out of his chair.

“Now. I gotta leave you guys,” he said.

“Ok,” Robin replied. “Where you going? Where you going?”

“Why?” asked Lara.

“Just trying to strut. I gotta strut,” Michael yelled as he buttoned-up his suit jacket.

“It’s not a walk. It’s a strut,” he said, as he crossed one leg over the other, off set.

“Not like that!” Robin mocked.

Michael cracked up before he went into the Deals and Steals segment.


But the mocking didn’t stop there.

After the Deals and Steals segment ended, the show went to commercial.

When it came back, Michael was in his chair again, sitting next to his co-hosts.

He went to go grab a snack during the commercial break and didn’t finish it in time.

“What were you doing over there, Michael?” Robin asked pointedly when the show returned from commercial break.

Michael grinned wide with a huge mouthful of food, continuing to chew as Robin called him out.

It took a moment for him to swallow as he covered his mouth with his hand.

“Mom always said, don’t eat with your mouth full!” Robin joked as all of the hosts laughed.

“He made a beeline over there!” Robin continued, as Michael finished munching and rested his hands on his knees.

“I didn’t want you to eat alone!” Michael joked to Erin Condren, who apparently also had a bite to eat during the break.

The other hosts had a good laugh before continuing the show, with Michael in good spirits.


The GMA mainstay returned to his post on Thursday morning after taking Wednesday off.

The host was out on Tuesday after receiving backlash for his interview with Prince Harry, 38.

Typically, Michael hosts Sunday Night Football the night before the Monday version of GMA.

He did make an appearance this past Monday, however, to expand on his interview with the Duke of Sussex.

Instead, he took a day off on Tuesday this week.

Host Cecilia Vega was tapped to fill in for him instead.

Michael returned to hosting duties on Wednesday, then appeared on Thursday and Friday once more as well.

ABCMichael got up out of his chair during the show to lead the Deals and Steals segment[/caption]

ABCRobin yelled ‘not like that!’ as the host buttoned-up his coar[/caption]

ABCShe later mocked him in the same show for chewing on live TV[/caption]

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