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The View host Ana Navarro shares major update on her health as she returns to talk show after scary illness

The View host Ana Navarro shares major update on her health as she returns to talk show after scary illness

THE VIEW co-host Ana Navarro has shared a major update on her health as she returned to the show this week.

She was out last week, due to testing positive for COVID-19.

The ViewAna Navarro gave update on her health as she returned to the talk show this week[/caption]

The ViewShe said that she had COVID over Thanksgiving and lost weight for the first time in years[/caption]

On Monday’s show, the part-time host appeared on the show as Whoopi Goldberg was out.

Ana took Joy Behar‘s spot, as the veteran host became moderator for the day.

“Whoopi will be back tomorrow and Ana is back at the table,” Joy said.

Then Joy’s phone rang and the hosts were distracted with trying to stop it.

As Joy and Sara Haines tried to turn off the phone, Ana said: “Hold on. I’m going to talk about the COVID thing once the music is through.”

The hosts settled down and put Joy’s phone backstage and then Ana gave an update on how she is doing.


“So, yes. I had COVID over Thanksgiving. And I had COVID last week,” she said.

“I just want to tell you guys a few things. Number one: It’s back. It’s not gone.”

She continued as she counted on her fingers: “It’s still killing people. It’s still putting a lot of people in the hospital, but there’s also a lot of resources available.”

“So, what I did was I went on COVID.gov. COVID.gov gives you resources, locators to be able to get treatment, to be able to get tested. It’s incredibly helpful.”

The View host said that she was “incredibly lucky” because she tested negative after four days.

“Which is why I’m here. And I got complacent. I wasn’t wearing my mask anywhere and I fly around a lot and so I just hope that we are all cognizant that it is still here. It is still something we have to deal with. And we should all be careful of it,” she finished.

Ana joked that the good news was that she lost weight over Thanksgiving for the first time in her adult life.

“We’re happy to have you back and that you’re feeling good,” Joy said before moving on to another topic.


Ana also posted about her experience with the virus on her social media pages.

The 50-year-old posted a photo of a negative Covid-19 test on her Instagram Saturday as she informed her followers about her rough holiday week.

The moderator captioned the photo: “It’s been a h**l of a week. COVID got me again. Tested positive on Monday. Got stuck quarantining in a hotel in NYC.”

She continued: “Took treatment. Fortunately, now feeling good and testing negative. I was triple-boosted and thought that protected me. I didn’t wear a mask anywhere. I got complacent.”

The political strategist then added: “In my view, just as a concerned citizen, the Pandemic is over but for now, COVID’s not going anywhere.”

Ana also explained: “I thought I just had a little head cold,” while admitting, “If The View didn’t constantly test us, I would have assumed that’s all I had.”

The talk show host later joked: “The one silver lining is that this is the first Thanksgiving in my adult life when I lose weight instead of gaining…”

Before she revealed: “There’s a coconut cake in the fridge calling out my name. “Ana… Anaaaa, come eat me.”

Fans rushed to the post’s comment section to send their well-wishes and also offer advice.

A fan warned: “Covid is very much among us as is the flu and RSV this season. Get your shots, mask up and wash hands… on loop.”

While another commenter wrote: “So glad you are feeling better! Thank you for this post! Too many people think COVID is gone!”

New York City-based rapper Fat Joe also reacted: “I’m glad you better- God bless.”

The ViewAna said she would talk about COVID once Joy’s phone stopped ringing[/caption]

The ViewThe host let everyone know that COVID is still out there and to still wear your mask and take precautions[/caption]

GettyIt is not clear if Ana’s husband, Al Cardenas, also tested positive, as she was in a hotel when she found out[/caption]

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