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Kylie Jenner deletes TikTok of her sky-high Christmas tree in $36M mansion after fans slam for flaunting her wealth

Kylie Jenner deletes TikTok of her sky-high Christmas tree in $36M mansion after fans slam for flaunting her wealth

KYLIE Jenner has deleted a controversial TikTok video after getting negative feedback from fans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a video of a massive evergreen Christmas tree that took up the entire entryway of her $36M home.

Instagram/kyliejennerKylie Jenner deleted a TikTok video showing off a massive Christmas tree[/caption]

InstagramKylie has been accused by fans of flaunting her wealth before[/caption]

The TV personality filmed as workers installed the 2-story tall tree.

The mother of two captured shots of her overflowing collection of ornaments and her daughter Stormi, four, excitedly hanging some in the towering tree.

The makeup mogul zoomed out for one final shot of the holiday wonder, as it twinkled with lights and shiny additions.

But fans were absolutely shocked by the display, taking to the comments to rip Kylie for brandishing her wealth with the absolutely enormous tree.

While it is still up on her Instagram page, the reality star ended up deleting the video from TikTok after the backlash, but not before fans grabbed it and posted it to a popular Kardashian Reddit page.

“Deleted tiktok by Kylie. It was up for all of 2 mins,” reads the thread title, where fans were eager to bash the choice of excessive decor even more.

“Probably because people were giving her s*** for cutting down probably a 50 year old tree to put up in her giant house,” speculated one fan.

Another wrote: “There were some comments dragging her in IG about being so wasteful with going with such a large tree, I can imagine that tiktok was even more amplified. It goes to an audience that doesn’t even follow her.”

“The comments on IG right now are brutal. For every one “omg Christmas bae ”, there are ten calling out her wastefulness and greed. Surprised she hasn’t deleted it there too,” wrote another.

While most of the comments dragged Kylie, a few enjoyed seeing her Christmas decor.

One fan wrote: “If i were rich this is what I’d do. I f****** love Christmas and wish i could have a giant tree and beautiful ornaments. Living vicariously through Kylie as of now!! Lol”

“Love the tree! Hate the chandelier,” another agreed.


Kyle’s main house is a $36.5m resort-style compound in the Holmby Hills area of Los Angeles.

The neighborhood is favored by many celebrities because its long winding driveways and quiet cul-de-sacs offer privacy away from the tourists, while the area is conveniently located near Hollywood, Santa Monica, and downtown LA.

Kyle’s pad not only features seven bedrooms and 14 baths, it’s own movie theatre, and a swimming pool, but also four guests houses, perfect for her supersized extended family.

There’s also a chef’s kitchen and even a dedicated guard’s house.

She bought the house, which is 19,250 square foot, in 2020 when she was just 22 years old.

It’s believed to be her sole main residence.


Kylie, whom Forbes magazines previously accused of forging tax documents so she could claim to be a billionaire, is no stranger to flaunting her wealth.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum frequently shows off her private jet, which cost $72M, as she flies around the world with Stormi and her baby son, whose name is unknown.

And Kylie’s own closet isn’t the only room at her mega-mansion that is stashed with designer clothes and accessories.

In July, she revealed that Stormi has her own room filled with expensive items including Gucci sandals, a Fendi visor, and a Prada Bucket hat.

One of Kylie’s personal favorite items is her diamond embellished crocodile Hermes Birkin bag, reported to be worth $300K.

Similarly, she has previously shown off Stormi’s Hermes backpack that cost about $12K, which she bought for the little one’s “first day of school.”

But fans have repeatedly called out the mom-of-two for her extravagant displays of wealth.

It’s a criticism that the other Kardashian sisters, including KimKhloe, and Kourtney, have all faced too as they continue to show off their lavish lifestyles on social media.

InstagramFans ripped Kylie for have an ‘excessive’ tree[/caption]

INSTAGRAMThe reality star has been known to flaunt photos of expensive cars on social media[/caption]

Instagram/ Kylie JennerKylie bout the $36.5M home in 2020, and shares with her baby daddy Travis and children[/caption]

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