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Kardashian fans reveal wild theory family reunited with Caitlyn Jenner for Thanksgiving after noticing detail in video

Kardashian fans reveal wild theory family reunited with Caitlyn Jenner for Thanksgiving after noticing detail in video

CAITLYN Jenner may have made a special appearance at the lavish Kardashian Thanksgiving dinner.

Dedicated fans have spotted Caitlyn’s portrait included in the Kardashians’ grand holiday royal painting display and wonder if she has a seat at the dinner table.

GettyKardashian fans think Caitlyn Jenner may have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner[/caption]

TIKTOK/kimandnorthCaitlyn’s portrait was included on the wall and sharp-eyed fans spotted the painting on Kylie’s Instagram[/caption]

Both Kim Kardashian, 42, and Kylie Jenner, 25, posted about the lavish portrait wall on their social media.

The entire Kardashian family is included in the Victorian royal-style portrait paintings.

Khloe is holding her new baby boy close to her chest in one and Kim is dressed in a Marie Antoinette-esque blond updo in another.

Even the out-of-cameras Rob Kardashian was included on the wall wearing a royal cape.

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All of the Kardashians are decked out in gowns, capes, and lots and lots of jewels.

However, a few sharp-eyed fans spotted Caitlyn included on the wall dressed in a white fur coat with blond highlighted curls pulled back on her head.

Fans took to an online forum as one noticed: “Caitlyn has a painting.”

Another fan noted: “Looks like Caitlyn is invited.”


Caitlyn isn’t the only rare family member to make an appearance on this year’s Kardashian Thanksgiving.

On Thursday, Khloe’s sister, Kim, shared a series of photos of herself serving a Thanksgiving meal to the inmates of Camp Kilpatrick – a juvenile detention camp located in the Santa Monica Mountains of western Los Angeles County.

Standing right next to Khloe and helping her serve the dinner was her cheating baby day ex, Tristan.

Kim even gave Tristanspecial shout out on Instagram.

“This year I’m really thankful for the people I have met in all of the prisons around the country,” she wrote in the caption, adding, “This week @realtristan13 and I had an inspiring Friendsgiving dinner with the young men incarcerated at Camp Kilpatrick.

“These young men have earned their way to this model camp in Malibu for great behavior. Many are in college classes and have made huge changes in their life.

“My favorite part at our dinner was going around the table and hearing what their dreams and aspirations are. I can’t wait to see them all come true.”

On his Instagram page, Tristan gave a special thanks to Kim for including him.

Fans rushed to an online fan forum to speculate about what, if anything, the Kim and Tristan reunion could mean.

“So basically him and Khloe are back together. Got it,” one person shared, as another added: “He’s back with Khloe. They (are) just warming us up.”

A third could hardly believe it: “I would never in a million years ‘collaborate’ with my sisters baby daddy/ex who’s cheated on her multiple times.”

While one person asked: “Why would Kim even associate herself with this man after everything he’s done to her sister?”


Meanwhile, Kim, Kris, and Kylie have been showing off the Kardashian’s lavish Thanksgiving feast.

On TikTok, Kim included shots of candles, portraits, the Kardashian table set up and desserts in the video.

Kris Jenner, 67, also showed off the lavish dinner; however, she included a video of a massive charcuterie and cheese board and gave a close-up look at the dessert table.

The desserts included a donut bar and a slice of a pie-flavor-of-choice with an abundance of toppings.

Although Kardashian critics weren’t charmed by the grand display of wealth.

One fan took to an online forum and slammed: “Like, I get it, they’re immensely wealthy… but the overabundance in every capacity nearly every week is gross.”

Another said: “Aren’t you supposed to be humble and thankful on Thanksgiving?”

Yet a third asked: “Anyone else find those portraits kind of weird? They aren’t royalty, just really rich.”

A fourth lamented: “I wish I was there eating all that food – looks so good. I hope it doesn’t get wasted.”

A fifth and final fan slammed: “They need to get over themselves.”

INSTAGRAM/kyliejennerThe Kardashians are celebrating Thanksgiving with a lavish Victorian-themed dinner[/caption]

Instagram / Kris JennerKris Jenner showed off a massive charcuterie and cheese board[/caption]

Instagram / Kris JennerKim showed off an over-the-top dessert bar on her daughter North’s Instagram[/caption]

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