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Today co-hosts poke fun at Sam Brock after he reveals embarrassing childhood nickname live on air

Today co-hosts poke fun at Sam Brock after he reveals embarrassing childhood nickname live on air

SAM Brock revealed a painful childhood nickname on the Today show.

Now the NBC News correspondent is hoping his admission won’t sprout into something bigger.

TodaySam Brock revealed his childhood nickname on air[/caption]

Instagram/@sambrocktvThe NBC correspondent, who has reported from around the world, couldn’t escape his childhood trauma[/caption]

Sam was on the show Wednesday morning to answer any and all random Thanksgiving questions.

Toward the end of his segment, the reporter shared a list of the top trending turkey side dishes.

Foods such as brussel sprouts and candied yams made the cut, along with a nice broccoli salad.

That’s when Sam relived his childhood trauma.



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“Yes, my last name is ‘Brock’. I’ve been known as ‘Broccoli’ from about the ages of 6 to 15,” he confessed, also sharing, “It was a little emotionally scarring.”

His colleagues chuckled, before offering words of support.

Sheinelle Jones said: “That never crossed my mind.”

Dylan Dreyer added: “I like it though!”

After the laughing died down, Sheinelle promised: “We will never say Sam Broccoli. Ever.”

Sam smiled, and took it all in stride, responding: “If you do, I won’t hold it against you.”


Sam was also on the air last week when Today host Craig Melvin cracked a gag that went totally over Savannah Guthrie’s head about not wanting to spend time with family over Thanksgiving.

During last Tuesday’s episode of the Today show, Craig, Savannah and Hoda Kotb chatted with Sam Brock about booking flights for the holiday.

Sam told viewers they’d get the cheapest prices if they went back home on Thursday night.

However, he added: “Who wants to leave on the days you’re supposed to be spending time with your family?”

Craig butted in to joke: “It can also depend on your family, Sam. You never know!”

Hoda cracked up laughing while Savannah stared straight ahead, looking confused.

Hoda managed to stifle her giggles and told Craig: “I got it. I see what you’re doing there, Melvin.”

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Savannah looked totally bewildered as she said: “I don’t get it?”

The presenter paused for an awkward moment, before continuing on to the segment.

TodaySam was on the show to talk about last minute Thanksgiving tips[/caption]

Instagram/@sambrocktvHis co-hosts were supportive of his nickname[/caption]

Instagram/@sambrocktvSam has had a few awkward on-air moments[/caption]

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