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Duggar fans shocked after key family member is spotted out and about only six days after welcoming third child

Duggar fans shocked after key family member is spotted out and about only six days after welcoming third child

FANS of the Duggars were shocked to see a member of the family out and about just six days after giving birth.

And the newborn baby was out along for the ride as well.

InstagramNurie Keller (far right) poses with her wrapped newborn baby[/caption]

InstagramNury is married to Anna Duggar’s brother, Nathan Keller[/caption]

Anna Duggar‘s sister-in-law, Nurie Keller, shared a photo enjoying some quality holiday time outdoors at a Florida theme park with friends and family.

Nurie, 23, is married to Anna’s brother Nathan Keller. The two already have a one-year-old son. Just a few days ago, they added a second son.

She has made a few appearances on their former reality show, Counting On.

Normally, doctors will advise new mothers to keep their children indoors for at least the first six weeks, as the young baby’s immune system is still developing.



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Also, the mother needs time for her body to rest and heal after the miracle of birth.

But Nurie surprised all by wrapping her newborn in a cloth wrap.

Online, fans in a Reddit chat room shared their amazement.

“I had a baby 18 months ago and I’m due with my second and I can’t imagine being out and about that soon,” one person said. “We went to the local zoo 3 weeks postpartum and we only stayed for an hour!

“How does she do it?”

Another noted: “Not only is she out and about, but she has hair and makeup done. I much prefer being a normal person who was in adult diapers and stretchy pants one week postpartum.”

While one person cofessed: “I need a full day of recovery after a MIGRAINE, there’s a zero percent chance I’d even go grocery shopping until week 3+ post-baby.”


As Nurie enjoys a Thanksgiving with family and friends, her sister-in-law Anna is spending her first Thanksgiving without her husband, Josh.

The former Counting On star was sentenced to more than 12 years behind bars for receiving child pornography in May of this year after being found guilty of the crime in December of 2021. 

Earlier this month, The U.S. Sun exclusively reported that Josh filed an appeal in his child pornography case from inside federal prison after requesting several extensions.

The court docket simply reads: “Appellant brief of Mr. Joshua James Duggar submitted for review. The time for filing the subsequent brief (if any) does not begin to run until the brief has been approved and filed.”

It appears he also filed an addendum to his appeal, which is also locked at this time.


Josh was sentenced to 151 months in prison on May 25. 

According to The U.S. Sun’s court reporter, Josh appeared stoic as he received his sentence, which includes $50,100 in fines that remain unpaid.

As he read his decision, the judge called Josh’s crimes “the sickest of the sick” to the packed courtroom.

He then said to Josh: “You have done some very bad things. But in your life as a whole, you’ve done good things… The true test of a man’s character is what a man does when no one is watching.”

Referring to Josh’s insistence that he’s innocent, the judge continued: “I find it aggravating about the lack of responsibility.”

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Judge Brooks recommended Josh participate in the Bureau of Prison’s sex offender treatment program.

Josh was arrested in April 2021 and charged with two counts of child pornography.

InstagramThe baby could be spotted latter at a family dinner[/caption]

InstagramNurie welcomed the new addition just six days ago[/caption]

GettyAnna’s husband, Josh, is celebrating Thanksgiving in jail[/caption]

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