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Little People’s Audrey Roloff ripped for ‘bragging’ she can juggle ‘multiple businesses’ with parenting three young kids

Little People’s Audrey Roloff ripped for ‘bragging’ she can juggle ‘multiple businesses’ with parenting three young kids

LITTLE People star Audrey Roloff has been slammed by fans for “bragging” about her ability to juggle various businesses and kids.

The star’s comments were seen as insensitive and confusing to fans.

Instagram/@audreyroloffAudrey Roloff has been slammed for “bragging” about her accomplishments[/caption]

InstagramThe star recently complained about struggling to keep it together[/caption]

Audrey, 31, took to her Instagram to “brag” about her accomplishments.

She posted a clip of herself and her husband Jeremy Roloff sharing a drink, adding the text: “POV you start the year with 3 kids 4 and under, run multiple businesses together, buy a fixer-upper in the country, but decide this is the year to commit to a weekly date night…”

Fans were unamused by her post, taking to Reddit to react.

The original poster screenshotted the post, adding: “[Audrey] telling people she CAN do it all. Mom of 3, operator of ‘multiple businesses,’ homesteader, fixer-upper fixer, intentional dater, country gal. Harken back a few days to the dishwashing post where she acknowledged not having it together (and told you that you don’t either). Psych, I guess.”

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Other critics were quick to pile on, with one writing: “She must be very unhappy with her life and didn’t get enough attention as a child that she feels like she has to brag about how accomplished she thinks she is. She over-exaggerates things like multiple businesses, fixer-upper, and so on to make the rest of us think she’s superwoman when in reality, she’s nothing.”

A second hater commented: “She misunderstood the assignment of the POV trend. I’ve never seen anyone use it in such a cringy way.”

A third wrote: “Won’t somebody who cares about her please take her aside and tell her she needs to stop posting this crap??? Her husband, mom, Amy-anyone?? She comes across like a world-class weirdo.”

Someone else chimed in: “She surely uses the term of [running] multiple businesses loosely…”


While Audrey’s post suggests that she and Jeremy are a united front, supporting each other through it all, their recent posts online suggest otherwise.

Jeremy, 32, recently came under fire for not being there for his wife during a challenging time in their household.

The father-of-three shared a photo showing off a meal his wife recently whipped up.

He commended Audrey’s cooking skills and her ability to put together such a meal while dealing with sick kids.

“Amidst sick kids and all, she still pulls off a phenomenal dinner. Thanks Audrey,” Jeremy wrote.

Critics shared the photo on an online thread, bashing the TLC personality for not doing more to help with chores and caring for the kids.

The original poster started the conversation, writing, “Like father like son. Looks like Audrey is on her own in the family department,” taking a jab at the family patriarch, Matt Roloff, 60. 

Another commented: “I’m no Audrey fan, but between being the primary breadwinner and appearing to do the bulk of the cooking/cleaning/child-rearing, she is certainly pulling more than her weight at home.”

A second person wrote: “He probably felt like he needed to make this post because she’s been ranting how she been doing everything. Ya know, instead of actually making dinner for the family, to help his wife.”

A third called out Jeremy for being “not helpful” as his wife appeared to take on much of the responsibilities.


Despite the post presenting the couple as having it all together, Audrey recently gave fans a glimpse inside a particularly grueling moment.

She posted an Instagram video explaining her struggles behind the scenes.

In the video, the author’s hair is in a messy bun and she has a sweatshirt on.

Viewers could hear dishes clanking as she washed them in the sink.

The Little People, Big World alum wrote a lengthy caption on the video, which read: “In case you are new here or not, I just felt like I wanted to say while I share a lot about my life here on the gram, there is a lot of my life that I don’t share.

“These parts. Mostly the less glamorous ones. Like all the dishes after a day of taking care of sick kids, or sitting in the steamy shower at 2am.”

After listing her daily chores, she continued saying she “loves being a mom.”

“I also just felt like I wanted to remind you not to over-glamorize anyone else’s life on here.

“We don’t have it all together. And neither do you. No one does.”

Fans thought that even that post was a bit braggadocious, however.

One follower took a screenshot and posted it on a popular thread that follows the long-running reality series.

“A precise list of the difficult things she doesn’t share,” they captioned the thread as comments started flowing in.

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“Very self-righteous…very sad..,” wrote one critic.

Another wrote: “I do believe this post is the definition of a humble brag.”

InstagramMeanwhile fans slammed Jeremy Roloff for not doing more to help her[/caption]

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffAudrey and Jeremy have three children: Bode, Ember and Radley[/caption]

Instagram/audreyroloffAudrey recently revealed that her kids were sick, which had created chaos at home[/caption]

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