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Kardashian fans think Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist throws shade at her sisters for their plastic surgeries in new video

Kardashian fans think Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist throws shade at her sisters for their plastic surgeries in new video

KARDASHIAN fans have expressed they think Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist has thrown shade at her sisters for their plastic surgeries in a new video.

The Hulu stars have mostly denied going under the knife, only admitting to having undergone minor cosmetic procedures.

InstagramKardashian fans think Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada threw shade at her sisters for not admitting to having undergone plastic surgery[/caption]

The Mega AgencyKim Kardashian, pictured with her sister Kylie Jenner, has denied getting any evasive cosmetic procedure[/caption]

Kylie’s makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, 27, posted a video of himself walking on a treadmill to his Instagram Stories Monday.

He captioned the video, “Goes to the gym three times in his life,” while showing off his thin frame and defined abdominals.

Ariel followed up the post, with another that again showcased his sculpted stomach and skinny waist.

The makeup artist’s video caption apparently received a lot of flack from his followers as he took a moment to address the criticism.



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In another video, captioned “And I’m a guy so it’s so a lot easier to build muscle. So, enough with the BS,” Ariel explained, “Obviously I was just kidding.”

He continued, “I don’t go to the gym often but like I was just making a mockery of it ’cause I’m over here posting like I’m always at the gym but I’m not.”

“I’m genetically blessed…I also got my body done a couple years ago so I think my body has like memory of the shape that got created but then also I’m just genetically a skinny person.

Ariel concluded, “I’ve always been skinny, there’s nothing new here.”

The makeup artist’s InstaStory video was reposted on a popular Kardashian-dedicated Reddit board.

The post was titled, “Well, I mean, it’s nice to know that Ariel is open about going under the knife and is not that person to act like the gym “made” their body.”


Kardashian fans rushed to the post’s comment thread to share their thoughts on Ariel’s “refreshing” honesty.

One person wrote: “Not sure if he was trying to describe a fat transfer without saying fat transfer or if this is how he has interpreted the procedure.”

A second responded: “I think what he’s TRYING to say is that while yes, he’s gotten lipo/BBL/plastic surgery, he is still naturally skinny and so whether or not he goes to the gym all the time or not is irrelevant.”

“I think ur right,” commented another before adding, “Tbh I really like Ariel he gets so much hate, and IDK why.”

A fourth fan stated: “At least he’s honest and real about it. He isn’t trying to obnoxiously lie about the obvious. It’s refreshing when people are open about the work they have had done and truly OWN IT. He seems so confident like ‘h**l yeah I got this s**t done, don’t I look good?’”

A fifth Redditor commented: I’m not against surgery when it’s sensibly done. And then, whatever, it’s your body you can do what you want.

They also added: “But I hate when people deny having any kind of things done when it’s obvious they did. So I appreciate honesty in this case.”

“I think he knew he couldn’t play it off as a ‘second puberty’ or whatever else everyone says. Nice to see the honesty though,” chimed a final commenter.


Fans have continually claimed Kim Kardashian, 42, has undergone plastic surgery as they’ve watched the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum’s face and body transform over the years.

Kim has maintained that she’s never gotten plastic surgery, though the Skims founder did admit to having “a little bit of botox” done in an interview with Allure magazine.

Kim revealed she still gets Botox after vowing never to have it again.

The reality star first had the injections when she was 29 years old back in 2010 and swore off the procedure after having a nasty reaction to it.

But in a recent episode of The Kardashians, she slipped up and confessed that she still gets them.

She revealed her late father Rob told her not to become an attorney like him because she’d have “so many f**king wrinkles from the stress of this job.”

Kim then quipped: “Thank God for Botox.” 


Khloe Kardashian, 38, has fans convinced that she went under the knife again after they noticed a telling detail in birthday photos over the summer.

The reality star admitted in 2021 that she underwent a nose job, though she denies getting any additional procedures done.

However, Khloe’s followers don’t believe that’s the case after spotting a clue in a new post that may suggest otherwise.

The Revenge Body star shared a slew of birthday tributes she received to celebrate her special day.

Along with family and friends, the 38-year-old also got a special shoutout from her plastic surgeon, Dr. Raj Kanodia, who performed her nose job.

The famed surgeon posted a professional snap of his former patient on his Instagram Stories with a message for the birthday girl.

“Happy Birthday @khloekardashian. Wishing you another hundred years of health, happiness, and success.”

Khloe shared the sweet message to her own Stories, adding the caption: “Thank you for my perfect [insert nose emoji].”

Following the post, social media erupted with comments from fans who believed her nose was not the only feature she altered.

“Good for her for being honest about this but I feel like she’s being overly open about her nose now to make it seem like she hasn’t had any other work done,” one person wrote.

“Ok, now how about thanking your other surgeons for their work,” another remarked.

“I wonder if they’ll slowly come clean about all of their work or just continue to keep quiet about it?” a third wondered, referring to other members of the famous family, rumored to have gone under the knife to change their physical appearance.

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“I mean, she def got more work done since the nose job…” a fourth added.

During the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion, Khloe insisted she’s only had “one nose job” with Dr. Kanodia.

SplashKhloe and Kim Kardashian have both downplayed the rumors that they’ve gotten plastic surgery[/caption]

SplashKylie Jenner with her makeup artist Ariel Tejada[/caption]

Instagram/@kyliejennerFans have also claimed that Kylie Jenner has gone under the knife in recent years[/caption]

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