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Jessa Duggar yells at daughter Fern, 1, for naughty behavior and shows off ruined bathroom in new video

Jessa Duggar yells at daughter Fern, 1, for naughty behavior and shows off ruined bathroom in new video

JESSA Duggar has shared another challenging moment of parenthood to her social media that many can relate to.

The former reality star posted a video to Instagram of her toddler daughter, Fern, clogging their toilet with a stuffed animal.

Youtube/Jess SeewaldJessa Duggar posted a new Instagram video after her toddler ruined her bathroom[/caption]

Instagram/Jessa SeewaldJessa’s daughter Fern, 1, tried to flush a stuffed animal down the toilet[/caption]

The Counting On star shows Fern, one, walking around in the bathroom, clutching a baby doll.

“Fernie, what have you done?” Jessa scolds, as the tot walks over to the toilet.

Fern then lifts the toilet seat cover to reveal a pink stuffed animal jammed in the bowl, as Jessa says: “I see! I see where you put piggie, and she’s about to put her baby in there too!”

Jessa’s daughter then puts the toilet seat back down and walks out of the room while her mom exclaims: “Fernie that’s a no-no! We don’t play in the potty!”



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Fans were loving the interaction, which was set to the music of Queen’s Another One Bites the Dust.

“That’s hilarious! When they’re that age, you must make everything toddler-proof!” one fan advised.

Another related: “My toddler son was a flusher. He managed to clog all three toilets at the same time!”

“I love the toddler stage, what is going on in their mind when they do these funny things, so cute!” another added.

Jessa, however, hasn’t always been praised for her videos featuring her children.


Fans had a vastly different opinion when Jessa featured her daughter Ivy, three, in a video advertisement on Instagram.

Jessa promoted a skincare line on Instagram, and she used her daughter to sell the product.

In the video she talked about the products she’s been using on Ivy to combat the dry skin on her cheeks.

A promo code was also included as well as side-by-side comparison photos of Ivy before and after she began using the products.

As Jessa held up a product, Ivy said: “I love this one because it makes my skin so smooth.”

Fans on Reddit had a lot of opinions about using a child in an advertisement.

A Reddit user said: “This is so cringe. She even showed photos of Ivy with red spots on her face. I would be mortified if my mom had done this to me as a kid.”

Another user replied: “Yeah and forced her to say how much she likes the cream?? So weird and forced and fake. Yuck.”

One fan said: “Not sure what the context is here but I’m not at all surprised if Jessa uses her kids to grift and sell stuff.”

The mother of four was also ripped by fans for sharing a personal post about her son after he went to the hospital, while discussing a Christian healthcare ministry that she and her husband Ben participate in.


Meantime, fans believe they have spotted a clue that Jessa could be pregnant with her fifth child in a new holiday clip.

The 30-year-old took to the platform to show off a “family fun night” gift from Walmart.

The young family painted Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree before finishing off the night by decorating gingerbread houses.

But fans were more distracted by Jessa’s outfit, as the busy mom opted for a flowy brown dress to conceal her figure.

Many were convinced they spotted a blossoming baby bump underneath the modest outfit, taking to Reddit to share their theories.

“I still think she could be pregnant. In the video where they filmed Fern’s jinger ultrasound, she didn’t look pregnant either and she was literally more than halfway through cooking her,” one wrote.

“Yes, this dress could easily mask a first trimester bump,” a second agreed.

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A third noted: “Yeah, this dress could easily hide a bump until she is ready to announce.”

“She also always gets really cautious with the cropping when she’s pregnant. If her pics all start becoming chest up, then you can almost guarantee she’s pregnant,” another speculated.

Instagram/Jessa SeewaldJessa scolded the tot for throwing items down the toilet[/caption]

InstagramJessa is a mom of four[/caption]

YouTube/Jessa SeewaldFans speculate Jessa may be pregnant with a fifth child[/caption]

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