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Alaskan Bush People fans blast Bird Brown for her ‘disgusting’ hygiene habit in new video

Alaskan Bush People fans blast Bird Brown for her ‘disgusting’ hygiene habit in new video

ALASKAN Bush People star Bird Brown has shocked fans with her questionable hygiene habit in a new video.

The reality star became one with nature in the latest installment of the Discovery Channel series.

DiscoveryBird Brown shocked fans after she lathered her hair in dirt on the latest episode of Alaskan Bush People[/caption]

DiscoveryFans were disgusted by her personal hygiene choices[/caption]

In a clip from Sunday night’s episode, Bird attempted to convince her brother, Noah, that dirt was equivalent to dry shampoo.

While standing in an empty dirt lot, Bird asked her brother: “Do you use dry shampoo?”

When the 30-year-old said that he did not use the hair product, Bird explained that dirt was the next best option.

“So dirt works the same way,” she claimed while kneeling on the ground and running her fingers through the dirt.

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The TV star then flipped her hair over and encouraged her sibling to cover her brunette locks with dirt.

“You lay your hair down like so,” she demonstrated before directing Noah to lather her hair in the dirt.

Bird then flipped her hair back, circulating the dirt all around her.

Noah mocked his sister’s theory, joking, “I think there was a bug in your hair.”

The 27-year-old was unfazed by the comment and continued to admire her dirt-filled locks.

She then lay on the ground and allowed Noah to bury her in the dirt pile, which they called a “chinchilla bath.”

The video concluded with Bird shaking the dirt off her body as she was covered head-to-toe.

The Alaskan Bush People‘s official Instagram page shared the clip ahead of the episode’s premiere.


However, viewers were not sold on Bird’s beauty regimen and bashed the star in the comments.

“You wash your hair to get the dirt OUT. Stop doing dumb things and tagging to word bush to it like it’s a thing people do,” one person wrote.

“Someone needs to teach her personal hygiene,” said another.

“That’s the dumbest s**t I have seen today. Thanks for that…” someone else remarked.

“You aren’t a pig. That’s how pigs take a bath,” pointed out a fourth.

“Then you have a hair full of bugs. What is wrong with this family,” one more commented.


Fans were taken aback last month when Bird pulled another shocking stunt during an outing with her family.

In the scene, Bird, her sister, Rain, 19, Noah, and his son Elijah were traveling on their boat, Integrity.

After failing to reach their planned destination in time, they decided to drop anchor for the night and set crab pots to catch some fresh dinner.

Bird began by preparing the bait for the crabs, which included whole raw fish.

She explained: “There’s a thing where it’s good luck to do this…”

The TV personality then bit the head off a fish, making a loud crunch as her teeth tore through the bones.

Rain was so repulsed that she physically gagged while Elijah screamed in horror.

“Do you wanna try?” Bird asked her sister before biting the head off another fish.

Many viewers at home found the move equally horrid to watch.

As images from the scene were shared to the show’s official Instagram account, one fan wrote: “Yuck!”

“That is gross,” agreed another.

“I really like Birdie, but this is just sick,” wrote a third.

However, it’s not the first time that Bird has left her fans feeling disgusted.


Last year, she shocked viewers as they learned she uses her shower as a giant cat litter box.

While the Discovery Channel star was away on a trip to Alaska, Bird’s brother Gabe, 32, was cat-sitting at her house.

He was tasked with clearing out the litter for her numerous cats, which Bird unconventionally keeps in the bathroom shower.

“I can feel it in the eyes!” said Gabe as he coughed and gagged while scooping up the cat mess.

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One viewer slammed the Browns as “the filthiest family on TV,” begging: “Seriously, a litter box in the shower? Where does she clean herself?”

“… Bird’s shower is the cat litter box? That is just beyond nasty,” agreed another.

DiscoveryShe also encouraged her brother, Noah, to cover her in dirt, which they called a ‘chinchilla bath’[/caption]

DiscoveryBird surprised viewers last month after she bit the head off a fish during a family outing[/caption]

Instagram/Alaskan Bush PeopleLast year, she shocked fans after they learned that she uses her shower as a giant litter box[/caption]

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