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1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton marries fiance Caleb Willingham in rehab wedding with sister Amy as one of 30 guests

1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton marries fiance Caleb Willingham in rehab wedding with sister Amy as one of 30 guests

1000-LB SISTERS star Tammy Slaton is married to Caleb Willingham and tied the knot at their Ohio rehab center.

Over a short engagement period of nearly three weeks, Tammy is now hitched to her new weight clinic boyfriend.

1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has married Caleb WillinghamTammy and Caleb got hitched in a small ceremony at their weight rehab on Saturday

People reported she became Mrs. Tammy Willingham on Saturday with a small celebration of 30 friends and family.

Her sister Amy was able to join the celebration.

Tammy looked lovely in a white wedding gown, veil and tiara, and held a bouquet of sunflowers.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star said: “You all knew me as Tammy Slaton, but now you’ll all know me as Mrs. Tammy Willingham. I’m married now!”

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1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy to marry fiance in rehab as her release is delayed


1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton is engaged after accepting proposal in rehab


Previously, The U.S. Sun reported Tammy got engaged in October to her secret boyfriend at the time.

In a video shared exclusively with The U.S. Sun, Tammy accepted the sweet proposal from Caleb in the parking lot of her rehab center in Ohio.

Tammy has been through a fair share of tribulations on her road to love, and she met her new fiancé during her second stay at a weight clinic.

A source close to the 1000-lb Sisters star gushed: “She began dating Caleb in rehab, and I’m so happy they met in-person and were not dating online.”

Tammy previously dated Jerry Sykes and a man who went by “BBW (Big Beautiful Women) King” online, which the star’s friend called a “train wreck.”

On the TLC Show, Tammy’s family felt as if both Jerry and the “BBW King” encouraged her bad health and eating habits.

However, Tammy’s friend feels Caleb is a new chapter for the star.

The insider said: “They have a lot of the same struggles that they can share. They’ve been a huge support for each other [in rehab], which is awesome.”


It is uncertain at this time if Caleb will have the same release day as his wife, although once Caleb is released he has plans to move in with Tammy in her new Kentucky apartment.

Tammy moved out of the duplex she used to share with Amy that was robbed last fall when the TLC star first checked into her second round of rehab.

As Tammy has been slowly able to stand, walk short distances, and move on her own, she and Caleb have been looking toward more future plans.

The insider shared Tammy and Caleb are considering a big Florida trip in the future for their honeymoon plans.


The U.S. Sun previously reported Tammy lost enough weight for her bariatric surgery and is now even standing and walking.

Tammy had her big surgery in Lexington, Kentucky, close to the end of the summer.

Bariatric surgery, also called gastric bypass surgery, is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient lose weight quickly in extreme situations.

A source close to Tammy exclusively told The U.S. Sun the procedure went smoothly and there were few complications.

The insider shared: “It was a little scary, but she recovered quickly. The first few days were really tough on her, but she was still able to talk and was with it.”

However, once the surgery was complete, Tammy had to return to her weight rehab center to monitor her recovery progress.

The source shared the nurses were: “Monitoring Tammy and making sure she’s staying on her diet after the surgery.

“She has been adjusting well and [her body] hasn’t rejected her medications.”

However, after the two-week recovery process ended, Tammy chose to remain in rehab – and she’s still there now.


“She has a choice to leave and they’ve already heard that but like her family’s kind of just pushed her to stay there a little bit longer.”

The source specified: “She was supposed to come home in August after the surgery for a month and her release date was then supposed to be September 1, but they kept pushing it back.”

The nurses still need to monitor Tammy’s trach.

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A tracheostomy tube in the breathing pipe placed into Tammy’s throat to help her get enough oxygen to her lungs.

Tammy had previous surgery to shrink the size of the tube before she underwent her bariatric procedure.

Tammy’s sister Amy was even able to make the drive up to join the small celebration of 30 peopleTammy was engaged for three weeks and Caleb plans to move in with her in Kentucky after their release from the clinicTiktok/itsqueentammy86The US SunThe U.S. Sun previously shared the couple’s sweet engagement video in the parking lot of the Ohio rehab[/caption]

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