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Teen Mom fans shocked as Kailyn Lowry’s ex-best friend Darcy drops major bombshell about star’s secret ‘pregnancy’

Teen Mom fans shocked as Kailyn Lowry’s ex-best friend Darcy drops major bombshell about star’s secret ‘pregnancy’

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex-best friend Darcy is spilling all of the tea about the star’s secret pregnancy and more.

Over a lengthy Instagram Live video, Darcy speaks about her claims of getting nude photos of Kailyn and her exes, Kailyn’s real feelings about her podcasts, her progress with her alleged pregnancy and more.

InstagramTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex-bestie Darcy is spilling all of the tea on the star[/caption]

Kailyn Lowry/InstagramDarcy and Kailyn had a falling out and Darcy claims the star took a low blow at her on a podcast[/caption]

Darcy claims she connected with Kailyn online and at first was just chatting with her as a fan.

Over time, the two became acquainted with each other and Darcy claims Kailyn would often call to talk about her problems.

In the Instagram Live rant that was reposted to Teen Mom Chatter on the social media platform, Darcy claims things escalated as she also maintained a relationship with Chris Lopez and other people in Kailyn’s life.

Darcy said she felt compelled to go onto Instagram to dish the tea on all of Kailyn’s secrets because she was angered the star referred to her as a “crazy obsessed fan” and dissed their friendship on a podcast.

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Teen Mom Kailyn cracks up in new video of son Lux as fans think she’s pregnant

However, Darcy continued to spill on Kailyn’s secrets sharing a slew of shocking claims.

Darcy claimed Kailyn was only into the podcasts for the money and didn’t have a real relationship with her co-hosts.

She also claimed Kailyn was the insider who reached out to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup to share the story about her former co-star Chelsea DeBoer being sued.

Although the entire Live video was shocking fans, many continued to pressure Darcy to spill about Kailyn’s pregnancy rumors.

Darcy told fans to take it with a grain of salt because she believes Kailyn “is not a good person” but confirmed she believes the star is indeed pregnant.

Kailyn’s ex-bestie claims the star has sent her ultrasound photos and video of the baby kicking.

All Darcy had to say about it was: “Pray for the baby.”


Amid all of the scathing drama, Kailyn has also hinted it’s over with her boyfriend Elijah Scott amid the rumors she’s pregnant with his baby.

The reality star took to her Instagram Stories last week Friday to share a meme reading: “Buying your boyfriend a PS5 knowing he needs a LeapFrog is outrageous.”

Fans took to an online forum to speculate a split as they claimed the message was a poke toward Elijah’s intelligence.

“I don’t get it. Is she calling her bf a child and herself a ho? It’s not cute either way. All her boys and I mean ALL her boys are gonna have issues when they grow up,” one complained.

“Always bashing her baby daddies….but you picked them…all of them…” a second trolled.

A third noted: “Imagine having 4 kids and posting things like this lol.”

“Fully convinced she’s just loving the attention at this point,” a fourth joked.

“Kail you are about to give a fourth man a child. SHHHHHHH,” a fifth remarked.

“Is she calling her current d**k a moron?” a final wrote sarcastically.

Followers of the Teen Mom star, who already has four sons, reckon she could have a baby on board with her new boyfriend Elijah Scott.


Fans recently thought that they were able to spot a baby bump on the MTV alum.

This week, Kailyn was pictured leaving a Wawa gas station with her son Lux, five.

The TV personality rubbed her stomach as she ran into the store for a few items dressed in a hoodie and black leggings.

“Looks like a bump to me,” wrote one as the pictures were shared on social media.

“I’m about 90% sure she’s pregnant. Who wants to bet it’s twins?” a second guessed.

Dario Alequin for The US SunDarcy tells fans to take it with a grain of salt but claimed Kailyn is indeed pregnant[/caption]

Tik Tok / Kailyn LowryDarcy claims she’s received video of the baby kicking and ultrasound photos[/caption]

Dario Alequin for The US SunMeanwhile, fans are wondering if Kailyn and her boyfriend Elijah are headed for a split[/caption]

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