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Naga Munchetty reveals she was EXPELLED from school as she shares cheeky reasons she angered teachers

Naga Munchetty reveals she was EXPELLED from school as she shares cheeky reasons she angered teachers

NAGA Munchetty has broken down her walls and revealed the rather rude reason she found herself expelled from school.

The BBC Breakfast host made the shock revelation during an appearance on Comedy Central’s Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains.

Comedy CentralNaga opened up about the time she was expelled from school[/caption]

Comedy CentralThe reason shocked her fellow panellists[/caption]

Appearing on the show, she told Rhod and her fellow guests about the mishap which led to her punishment.

Naga explained: “It was the last day of school and it’s when you cut loose and you all sign each other’s shirts on the last day of school.”

Naga’s co-stars followed along excitedly, waiting to hear just what the TV star was really like during her school days.

She continued: “We would draw pictures, so, I got expelled for…”

She interrupted herself to confirm that the shirt in question she still does own as she went on: “We’d draw big penises and boobs and periods on the shirts.”

The audience laughed as host Rhod was taken aback as he jokingly said: “We were all obsessed with drawing c**k and ba**s when we were teenagers.”

Naga’s shock revelation comes after she admitted to suffering from a hard time in school for one specific reason.

Speaking on the Comedy Central show, Naga admitted: “So [I was] a straight A student, the teachers did like me, you know, a musician, lardy-dardy dah, so really annoying, right.

“But no one fancied me.”

Host Rhod was taken aback as Naga repeated herself once again.

Rhod Gilbert’s Growing Pains airs Wednesday night on Comedy Central.

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