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What was B Smyth’s cause of death?

What was B Smyth’s cause of death?

B SMYTH earned fame on YouTube and was known for his songs Might Cuff You, Ride Good, Creep, Leggo and more.

On November 17, 2022, the Florida native died aged 28 following a battle with illness.  

GettyB Smyth passed away at the age of 28[/caption]

Who was B Smyth?

Born Brandon Smith on March 12, 1994, in Florida, B Smyth was an American hip hop and R&B recording artist.

Smith started out his career by posting his own covers of popular songs on YouTube and performing on talent shows.

His success ultimately landed him a record deal with Motown Records in 2012 and later with ByStorm Entertainment and RCA Records in 2015.

During his short career, he collaborated with high profile artists such as 2 Chainz and Future and also earnt a top 100 hit.

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“It’s definitely dope, especially me just being fans of those guys,” he told Complex in 2013.

“To go from being a fan to being amongst them as my peers and doing records with them, it’s really a blessing for me.”

What was B Smyth’s cause of death?

B. Smyth’s death was confirmed by his older brother Denzil in November 2022.

He revealed his sibling had passed away following a lengthy battle with pulmonary fibrosis.

In an emotional Instagram reel sharing the heartbreaking news, Denzel said: “It’s very tough for me to make this video because I never thought I would have to make something like this.

“We ask right now in this particular moment that you guys respect our privacy and that we accept all the love and condolences on his behalf.”

What is pulmonary fibrosis?

The condition is a build-up of scar tissue on the lungs that makes breathing increasingly difficult.

It typically affects those around the age of 70-75, and is rare for individuals under the age of 50.

Some people respond well to treatment, but others can find their condition gets rapidly worse, and other problems like chest infections or heart failure can occur.

Before the availability of treatments such as pirfenidone and nintedanib, around half of sufferers lived at least three years after their diagnosis.

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Around one in five lived longer than five years, but it is hoped that new treatments will help to extend expectancy.

Symptoms tend to get worse over time, and include:

shortness of breatha persistent dry coughtirednessloss of appetite and weight lossrounded and swollen fingertips (clubbed fingers)

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