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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown breaks down in tears in new video taken before she leaves ex Kody & family for new life

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown breaks down in tears in new video taken before she leaves ex Kody & family for new life

SISTER Wives fans have gotten a sneak peak at Christine Brown’s final goodbye to her ex-husband Kody.

A new teaser clip posted to Twitter by TLC Network shows part of the awkward encounter, as Christine leaves the family.

TLCSister Wives’ Kody angrily said he ‘never wants to see Christine again’ after she left the family[/caption]

TLCSister Wives’ Christine Brown broke down in tears before she left[/caption]

In the teaser,  Christine set up one last family gathering – a farewell to her before heading off to Utah.

Christine says to Robyn and Kody  at a distance: “Thanks for coming guys, I really appreciate it.”

The clip then cuts to Christine’s confessional, where she tearfully says: “It’s very apparent how awkward we all are, with Janelle and her kids on one side, and Robyn and Kody are on the other.

“And none of us want to be here.”



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The video then cuts to Kody’s confessional, where he angrily says: “I don’t ever want to see Christine again.”

Viewers then see Kody start walking away from Robyn and the kids promising: “I’m leaving in five minutes,” as he stomps off, giving his hair a wave.

“Bye, Christine, good luck,” Robyn says to a crying Christine, as Janelle walks over to her to give her a comforting hug.

The full encounter is set to air this Sunday on the TLC Network.

Fans sounded off on the meeting, with some applauding Janelle for her behavior.

One wrote: “Janelle saves the day again with the hug. She’s a true friend and good person.”

“Christine deserves better. How awkward,” wrote another.

Another praised Christine for leaving Kody: “Yay so happy for christine to get away from kody…too bad janelle couldnt go with her.”

One fan suggested: “None of us want to watch The narcissist couple Kody & Robyn ever again, + the can take hanger on Meri with them! Let’s have ‘Life After Kodie With Christine & Janelle instead?!? Pretty please.”


Not everyone could even be there to see Christine off. 

Meri, Kody’s first wife, was stuck at her family’s bed and breakfast.

But it may have been a good thing the 51-year-old was gone.

“I don’t know how weird it would have been if I was there, knowing that she really wasn’t interested in having a relationship with me,” Meri said. “So, why be there and do some big goodbye?”

Christine, 50, moved to Utah after she decided to leave the polygamist last year.


Christine has pledged to carry on with the show, despite the fact that she left Kody a year ago.

Since she broke up their “spiritual marriage” she has fully relocated back to her home state, along with their 12-year-old daughter, Truely.

Christine recently shared a selfie from her new home.

She showed off a huge grin for her 918k followers wearing a bright orange blouse.

In the caption, the Sister Ex-Wife wrote: “I’m finally filming in my new house in Salt Lake! So excited!”

She added the hashtags “newbeginnings” and “sisterwives,” seemingly confirming that she is participating in what will be the show’s 18th season.

Meantime, Janelle has been flaunting her new body after finally leaving her longtime husband Kody.


The reality star has been open about her health journey and frequently shares diet secrets with her fans – though she has never revealed the exact amount of weight she has lost.

Janelle has lost a ton of weight. She does not look the same.

“She’s half the size she was,” a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun.

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down.” 

A source told The U.S. Sun previously that Janelle and Kody’s problems began “a year or two ago during Covid.”

The pandemic “created a lot of [the separation]. It gave the wives comfort to know that they could be on their own.

Christine was the ringleader in showing that they don’t need Kody.”


Meri, who moved to Utah, could be the next sister wife to leave the patriarch of the family, our insider shared.

“Meri will never admit this but she has a contract to fulfill and that’s the only reason why she still shows up.

“She’s been sticking around for the contract. That’s where her paychecks are coming from. She’s not sitting around waiting for Kody nor will she ever.”

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The mom-of-six is going about her business and has been posting about going on a retreat and vacation with Christine.

Kody currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, with wife Robyn Brown, 44.

TLCFellow Sister Wife Janelle comforted Christine during the awkward goodbye[/caption]

Instagram/@christine_brownswChristine says she is in a better place since she left Kody[/caption]

InstagramChristine helped to convince Janelle to leave Kody as well[/caption]

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