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Little People’s Audrey Roloff claps back after fans slam her for ‘bragging’ about her parenting in ‘insufferable’ posts

Little People’s Audrey Roloff claps back after fans slam her for ‘bragging’ about her parenting in ‘insufferable’ posts

LITTLE People’s Audrey Roloff has clapped back at fans who have slammed her parenting style.

The reality TV star posted a message to Instagram Stories telling her audience that they don’t always see the difficult parts of her life.

InstagramAudrey Roloff posted a message on her Instagram stories clapping back at fans saying she ‘brags’ about her life[/caption]

InstagramAudrey warned viewers not to ‘over glamorize’ her life[/caption]

The video shows Audrey, 31, with her hair up in a messy bun wearing a sweatshirt.

Viewers can hear the clanking of dishes as she washes them in the sink.

The Little People, Big World alum wrote a long caption on the video which read: “In case you are new here or not, I just felt like I wanted to say while I share a lot about my life here on the gram, there is a lot of my life that I don’t share.

“These parts. Mostly the less glamorous ones. Like all the dishes after a day of taking care of sick kids, or sitting in the steamy shower at 2am.”



Little People fans slam Audrey for her ‘not-so-subtle brag’ about parenting


Little People fans slam Audrey for sharing ‘inappropriate’ photos of her son

She continued after listing her daily chores and saying she “loves being a mom”: “I also just felt like I wanted to remind you not to over glamorize anyone else’s life on here.

“We don’t have it all together. And neither do you. No one does.”

One follower took a screenshot and posted it on a popular Reddit page that follows Little People, Big World.

“A precise list of the difficult things she doesn’t share,” they captioned the thread as comments started flowing in.

“Very self-righteous…very sad..,” wrote one critic.

Another wrote: “I do believe this post is the definition of a humble brag.”

One fan raged: “She is talking like we didn’t know any of that already.. no s*** her life isn’t glamours! She is just realizing she can’t save face anymore and she has to admit she’s struggles like ANY other mom!!”

“Where the h*** is Jer during all off this Audj? You sound like a truly single mom. Seriously,” questioned another.

The new video comes after another one of her posts caused some pushback from fans.


The reality TV star recently shared a photo of her holding her one-year-old son Radley in the bathroom on her Instagram Story and wrote a lengthy caption alongside it.

“Also crazy how as a mom you can be crushing your to-do-list, working out, tackling house/property projects, hosting parties, making homecooked meals, getting people where they need to be… to just DOWN. All plans out the window to care for babies,” she wrote.

Again, fans ripped the former reality star.

“That’s just what most people call life. No need for the humble brag,” one person said.

Another wrote: “She rambles and brags so much it’s nauseating.”

A third person admitted: “I can say as a mom I’ve never crushed any of those things in 10 years.”


Audrey also recently sparked ire for posting a photo of her sick son to her Instagram Stories.

She captioned the photo: “I really feel like our kids don’t get sick very often and when they do, they recover quick.”

The mother of three continued: “[But] the last few months our family has been getting hit [with] sickness.”

Audrey’s photo showed Radley laying on his mom’s chest while both mother and son appeared to be asleep.

A screengrab of the InstaStory snap was reposted on a popular Reddit board dedicated to the long-running TLC reality series.

The post was titled: “Nothing like taking a picture of your sick kid and pretending you are sleeping!”

Little People fans rushed to the comment thread to share their take on what looked to be a staged photo.

One person wrote: “This post is cringy with the fake sleeping.”

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Others added, “She’s embarrassing at this point,’ and “That’s so f**king weird.”

Audrey has three children with Jeremy Roloff – daughter Ember, five, son Bode, two, and Radley.

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffAudrey has been slammed for her parenting tactics in the past[/caption]

Instagram/ Audrey RoloffThe mom-of-three often posts about her family[/caption]

Audrey Roloff InstagramAudrey with her husband Jeremy[/caption]

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