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Jeopardy! fans slam game show for using ‘another Bible category’ at ‘worst possible time’

Jeopardy! fans slam game show for using ‘another Bible category’ at ‘worst possible time’

JEOPARDY! fans have slammed the game show for using “another Bible category” at perhaps not the most opportune moment.

Just one episode earlier, a hotly contested religious Final Jeopardy question caused huge controversy and made national news.

ABCKen Jennings is hosting the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions[/caption]

ABCOne night after a bible question made headlines, the game show asked for more[/caption]

On Thursday’s Jeopardy! episode, a category in the first round was presented by Ken Jennings, 48, titled: “The King James Bible saith.”

It included clues about “Deuteronomy” and “Corinthians” and the three Tournament of Champions finalists kept their game faces on as they answered them.

Fans on Facebook were not as composed, as one astounded viewer began: “Good Lord, yet another Bible category.”

Another replied: “After that mess yesterday?”

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A third defended: “You have a problem with the Bible?”

As a fourth buzzed back saying there’s nothing wrong with recurring topics, except the unbelievable context: “No. It’s just that it went so well in yesterday’s game,” they wrote.

Over on Twitter fans were taken aback too as one wrote: “Why are we making Sam Buttrey go through ANOTHER bible category, hasn’t he suffered enough??”

“Goodness me, Jeopardy! you can’t just do another Bible category in our face after the debacle last night,” wrote one more.

“Opening with a biblical category after that horrible oversight from last night was probably not the wisest idea…” another cried out.

“Especially one titled “THE KING JAMES BIBLE SAITH.”

One more fan accused the show of doubling down on purpose.

“The King James Version is Jeopardy’s default on Bible clues, and that’s likely what the show is standing on to justify the validity of last night’s Final clue.”


Host Ken began presiding over 21 (now three) game show greats from the past year back for more on October 31st.

40-time winner Amy SchneiderAndrew He and fan-favorite professor’s tournament winner Sam Buttrey have emerged as the finalists.

The first player to win three matches gets the $250,000 grand prize and serious bragging rights – with two wins, Andrew and Amy (who won last night) are both one game away from the crown.

But many fans were furious by Wednesday night’s game as they felt Sam was “robbed” of a much-needed win.

He was leading going into Final Jeopardy and deemed incorrect on the divisive, religious clue.

Under the category “The New Testament” it read: “Paul’s letter to them is the New Testament epistle with the most Old Testament quotations.”

According to CNN after being covered by The U.S. Sun upon airing: “The statement isn’t controversial because it’s about the Bible.

“That’s not an uncommon topic on the trivia show. But the correct answer is still a subject of debate, even among Biblical scholars.”

Amy answered “Who are the Hebrews,” and was deemed correct by host Ken.

Sam answered “Who are the Romans,” and was deemed incorrect.

Andrew said “Philippiaes,” likely in reference to the Philippians, which was also incorrect – but he had enough to win.

Per CNN: “All of the answers refer to books in the Bible that are collections of epistles, or letters, ostensibly from Jesus’ apostle Paul to different groups in the formative days of the Christian church.

“However, experts have varying opinions on whether Paul actually wrote the letter to the Hebrews – and thus, whether the answer was actually correct.

“In fact, there are bitter divisions among different schools of Christian thought regarding Paul’s Biblical influence and authorship.”

CNN added: “Many viewers thought Buttrey’s answer should have been the correct one, since scholars generally agree Paul was the author of the book of Romans.”


“I’m sorry but Sam should have won today and now I don’t care who wins thanks to this BS Final Jeopardy.” one fan fumed in a Reddit thread with 400 angry responses.

“Way to go writers you have just screwed up the biggest TOC in years,” wrote another. “Sam was correct. This should be overturned.”

“Between this and Sunday’s Celebrity Jeopardy! alligator clue, Jeopardy! needs to take a closer look at the writing,” slammed one more.

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Jeopardy! writers have generally been with the show for decades and only a dozen of them if not fewer.

Over the summer, Ken and actress Mayim, 46, were officially announced as the permanent replacements for the late, great Alex Trebek.

ABCJeopardy! fans could not understand why the show had ‘another’ bible category on Thursday – someone accused it was to ‘justify the validity of last night’s final clue’[/caption]

ABCOn Wednesday, fan-favorite Sam Buttrey got ‘robbed’ on Wednesday many said, by a confusing clue about a debated topic of the New Testament[/caption]

ABCFans want the decades-long game show writers ‘fired’ after this Gabby Petito clue last week as well[/caption]

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