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Jeopardy! fans demand show fires writers after using ‘disputed’ religious clue that ‘ruined’ the Tournament of Champions

Jeopardy! fans demand show fires writers after using ‘disputed’ religious clue that ‘ruined’ the Tournament of Champions

JEOPARDY! has caused an uproar after using a “flawed” and “disputed” biblical clue on Wednesday’s episode.

Fans denounced the hot-button religious Final Jeopardy question and are demanding new writers.

ABCJeopardy!’s Ken Jennings is hosting the 2022 Tournament of Champions[/caption]

ABCFans demand the show fire its writers over this religious Final Jeopardy clue that was looking for the answer ‘The Hebrews’ – but is known to be a disputed topic[/caption]

Starting last month, Ken Jennings, 48, began presiding over 21 (now three) game show greats from the past year.

40-time-champion Amy is now facing 6-time winner Andrew and fan-favorite professor’s Tournament winner Sam Buttrey in the fierce finals.

The first player to win three matches gets the $250K grand prize – tonight Andrew notched his second win meaning the underdog is now one away from victory.

But Final Jeopardy left people so angry that they wanted tonight’s results to be thrown out as well as whoever wrote it.

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Going into Final Jeopardy, professor Sam led with $14,800, Andrew with $13,200, and Amy with $2,400.

Under the category “The New Testament” it read:

“Paul’s letter to them is the New Testament epistle with the most Old Testament quotations.”

Amy got it correct according to Ken with “Who are The Hebrews.”

Ken said: “Yes, Jewish followers of Christianity so of course, Paul quoted the old testament.”

Sam revealed he wrote the “Who are the Romans” – this alternative was not accepted.

Ken groaned: “he wrote the Romans” and denied him the win which he would have otherwise gotten.

Andrew didn’t have the correct response with “Philippiaes” but had enough earnings to win after the new scores were shown.


Fans flooded Reddit in a furious internet thread expressing offense and anger.

Hundreds expressed how biblical texts and who wrote them are largely up for debate – including parts of The New Testament, so the question was misleading in itself.

“What a bunch of crap,” one fan wrote. “This is a terrible clue. The authorship of Hebrews is disputed. Not counting Hebrews, Romans has the most. Sam was robbed.”

A second penned: “I’m sorry but Sam should have won today and now I don’t care who wins thanks to this BS Final Jeopardy.”

“Way to go writers you have just screwed up the biggest TOC in years,” wrote a third.

Dozens more were distraught, as another put it: “This was a flawed question. This is exactly why the writers’ room needs a complete overhaul ASAP.”

“Between this and Sunday’s Celebrity Jeopardy! alligator clue, Jeopardy! needs to take a closer look at the writing,” wrote one more.

Yet another viewer said: “The TOC is officially now a sham. Congrats on the Jeopardy staff for ruining the one good thing this show still had going for it following Alex’s departure…Sam got 100% robbed on this one.

“Having any level of scholarship into the Bible would lead you astray of the ‘correct’ answer, as the authorship has been in question for centuries.”


The show claimed the epistle was written by Paul but many Biblical scholars don’t agree with this.

Wikipedia sited a book and wrote: “The Epistle to the Hebrews of the Christian Bible is one of the New Testament books whose canonicity was disputed.

“Traditionally, Paul the Apostle was thought to be the author.

However, since the third century, this has been questioned, and the consensus among most modern scholars is that the author is unknown.”

Jeopardy! writers have generally been with the show for decades and only a dozen of them if not fewer.

Sunday’s Celebrity game featured this clue: “In 2021, fugitive Brian Laundrie ended his days in Fla’s Myakkahatchee Creek area, home to these long & toothy critters.”

The shocking question made national news, and the family of Gabby Petito demanded an apology.

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Ken will step aside in January so that co-host Mayim Bialik – now handling Celebrity Jeopardy! which was recently slammed for a Brian Laundrie clue – can take the reins.

Over the summer, he and actress Mayim, 46, were officially announced as the permanent replacements for the late, great Alex Trebek – the two-year anniversary of his passing was last week.

ABCAndrew He was declared the winner when Sam Buttrey’s answer of ‘The Romans’ was dismissed by Ken Jennings[/caption]

ABCOne viewer wrote ‘the authorship has been in question for centuries’ – they said professor Sam was ‘robbed’ and the tournament ‘ruined’ by the flawed premise of the question[/caption]

Twitter/@jenaardellOthers said ‘the writers’ room needs a complete overhaul’ after this Gabby Petito clue as well[/caption]

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