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Jeopardy! fans deem Sam Buttrey the ‘tournament favorite’ & hope he wins ‘at least once’ after controversial snub

Jeopardy! fans deem Sam Buttrey the ‘tournament favorite’ & hope he wins ‘at least once’ after controversial snub

JEOPARDY! contestant and professor Sam Buttrey has been deemed the “fan favorite” in the Tournament of Champions.

Viewers hope he’ll win “at least once” in the finals given his A+ personality and how he was controversially snubbed.

ABCJeopardy!’s Ken Jennings is hosting the 2022 Tournament of Champions[/caption]

Jeopardy!Sam Buttrey – who won last year’s professor’s tournament and is a rapper on the side – is the ‘fan favorite’[/caption]

Starting last month, Ken Jennings, 48, began presiding over 21 (now three) game show greats from the past year back for more.

Amy Schneider is now facing Andrew He and Sam in the finals.

The first player to win three matches gets the $250K grand prize – 40-time champ Amy and 6-time champ Andrew both have wins under their belts.

Sam, who qualified by winning last year’s Professor’s Tournament – has none, and viewers want him to get on the board.

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One person wrote under a recent Jeopardy! Instagram post: “Sam amazes me daily with his humor, intelligence and quirkiness.”

“Sam is a gift,” wrote another.

“I would love to see each one win a game – after that whatever, happens, happens. Go Sam!” begged a third.

“Imma need Sam to win a game he’s so precious,” wrote a fourth.

“Sam is my favorite player. If I lived out west I’d take his course” wrote a fifth.


In the ongoing finals, the California-based associate professor of operations research has schooled everyone in on-stage anecdotes.

He revealed during one mid-game chat that he is a SoundCloud beat maker.

“I’ll be making you a mixtape of my two favorites: ‘The Colonoscopy Song’ and ‘Don’t Put Your Cat Butt in My Face,’” Sam jokingly promised to Ken.

Sam’s SoundCloud page was hilariously and immediately found by the internet as Reddit users exclaimed, “He’s pretty good!”

In another on-stage story, Sam acknowledged he knows he looks like Steve Martin, and his comedic delivery was a winner.

“Apparently a lot of people thought I looked like Steve Martin [when I won the Professor’s Tournament].

“That’s an amusing comparison to me – I like it because not only is he hilarious…”

Sam added (turning straight to the camera): “But he’s also famous for being the most handsome man in the world.”

Sam also floss-danced for Ken in a recent bonus video-gone-viral and nailed a Doja Cat clue this week without a beat of hesitation.

It read: “This ‘feline’ not only got freaky deaky with Tyga, she also told us to ‘Get into it’ (Yuh) so we did (Yuh).”

He buzzed in, without doubt, shrugging: “Who is: Doja Cat!”

One viewer tweeted: “Sam the Professor Champion buzzing in to correctly answer Doja Cat in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions final was one of the best TV moments of 2022.”


All of this made Wednesday night’s loss – when Sam was leading going into Final Jeopardy – all the more frustrating.

Under the category “The New Testament” it read: “Paul’s letter to them is the New Testament epistle with the most Old Testament quotations.”

According to CNN after being covered by The U.S. Sun upon airing: “The statement isn’t controversial because it’s about the Bible.

“That’s not an uncommon topic on the trivia show. But the correct answer is still a subject of debate, even among Biblical scholars.”

Amy answered “Who are the Hebrews,” and was deemed correct by host Ken.

Sam answered “Who are the Romans,” and was deemed incorrect.

Andrew said “Philippiaes,” likely in reference to the Philippians, which was also incorrect – but he had enough to win.

Per CNN: “All of the answers refer to books in the Bible that are collections of epistles, or letters, ostensibly from Jesus’ apostle Paul to different groups in the formative days of the Christian church.

“However, experts have varying opinions on whether Paul actually wrote the letter to the Hebrews – and thus, whether the answer was actually correct.

“In fact, there are bitter divisions among different schools of Christian thought regarding Paul’s Biblical influence and authorship.”

CNN added: “Many viewers thought Buttrey’s answer should have been the correct one, since scholars generally agree Paul was the author of the book of Romans.”

Sam would have won had his answer been accepted and many said he was “robbed.”

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“I’m sorry but Sam should have won today and now I don’t care who wins thanks to this BS Final Jeopardy.” one fan fumed in a Reddit thread with 400 angry responses.

“Way to go writers you have just screwed up the biggest TOC in years,” wrote another. “Sam was correct. This should be overturned.”

ABCFans were furious after last night’s game as Sam would have won if not for Final Jeopardy[/caption]

ABCThe contentious biblical question made national news and he was ‘robbed’ – Sam has 0 victories in the ongoing finals and everyone wants him to win at least once[/caption]

SplashNot only has he flossed, said he makes beats on Soundcloud, but also announced he’s proud to look like Steve Martin: ‘the most handsome man in the world’[/caption]

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