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Kardashian fans mock Kim’s ‘cheap-looking’ new nails as she shows off fingers in rare pic of her hands

Kardashian fans mock Kim’s ‘cheap-looking’ new nails as she shows off fingers in rare pic of her hands

KIM Kardashian has posted a new photo of her hands, and her nails are the fakest thing in the photo.

The photo Kim posted is a close-up show of all the details in her Barbie bimbo pink outfit.

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianKim wore cheap-lookng nails to an event[/caption]

Instagram/kimkardashianKim can’t wear acrylics or gel becasue of her psoriasis[/caption]

It shows her pink and sparkly rings, the tiny pastel pink designer purse, and her light pink press-on nails with a french tip.

The nails are very long and pointy. They look like they have been put on correctly, but they look like press-on nails.

The Kardashians have their beauty routine down to a science, including their obscene nails.

Her sisters, especially Kylie and Khloe, are dedicated to their nail routine and frequently change their style.



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But Kim has to wear fake nails because acrylics or gel nail polish can trigger a psoriasis flare-up.


Critics on Reddit slammed Kim for this “ugly” and “cheap” excuse for a manicure.

One person said: “They’re so ugly … they just don’t fit her hands at all.”

Another said: “So like, none of them seem to understand that certain nail lengths and shapes look good on certain types of fingers. Usually, long pointed nails don’t look great on long skinny fingers.”

Someone else said: “It all looks cheap af, she looks like a big ol’ Polly Pocket.”

Another person wrote: “The nails are beyond aren’t they??!! … You can buy lots of things…but not style!!”

One person wrote: “I guess it’s cause she did a few different outfits for carpets this week so she couldn’t get them done done. Well I mean she could have afforded it or at least picked better ones.”


This is one of the first times a Kardashian has come under fire for having cheap nails, but it’s not the first time fans have gotten upset over how pointy their nails are.

Several Kardashian sisters have been called out for having nails that could be dangerous for their babies.

Fans can’t understand how Kylie and Khloe can take care of their children with the impractical claws they wear.

A fan said: “I can’t even type with those nails girl how are you caring for a baby?”

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Some think this is proof that they don’t take care of their own children: “That’s a sign she’s not personally taking care of the baby.”

Another fan said: “That’s one thing I don’t understand. How do you carefully wipe a little bum or a tiny boogie or touch a newborn baby’s face with giant claws?”

Instagram/ Kim KardashianAt the end of the event, Kim popped off her nails and shared them on her Instagram story[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianKim’s sisters, Kylie and Khloe, have been slammed for how long and sharp their nails are[/caption]

INSTAGRAM/kimkardashianFans think long pointy nails hinder the Kardashian’s ability to parent[/caption]

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