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American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie reveals crew is ‘working hard’ on new episodes amid show’s long hiatus

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie reveals crew is ‘working hard’ on new episodes amid show’s long hiatus

AMERICAN Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie has revealed that the show’s crew is “working hard” on new episodes.

The long-running History Channel series has been on a months-long hiatus after poor ratings plagued the start of season 23.

Instagram/@rjwolfepickerAmerican Pickers star Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie shared an update on the show’s production in an Instagram post[/caption]

Instagram/@rjwolfepickerRobbie revealed the crew is ‘working hard’ on new episodes[/caption]

Robbie Wolfe, 62, series creator Mike Wolfe‘s brother, posted an update on the show’s status with a humorous photo on his Instagram Monday.

The photo shows Robbie piled with two other crew members in the front passenger seat of a car as the trio wrestle for “shotgun” privileges.

The post was captioned, “It’s Monday and I called shotgun. The crew working hard bringing all-new American Pickers In January.”

In the comment section, One eager viewer wrote: “We need more New Episodes!! A few weeks is just not enough man!”



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As many fans have been awaiting the return of the show, American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, 58, finally shared a major update about the series.

The reality TV star dropped a major hint about the show in his Instagram Stories when he posted a photo of a camera crew filming on the street.

One member of the crew is leaning up against a truck with the Antique Archaeology logo printed on the side.

That’s the name of the antique store Mike owns in Iowa and the home base for the show.

While the snap does not have a caption, fans remain hopeful it’s a sign that the show will return soon.

Mike’s teaser pic comes as his brother Robbie Wolfe helped to shed some light on the show’s production hiatus when he shared a photo of the film crew on his own Instagram.

The post was captioned: “On the road with the best crew out there, getting new episodes of American Pickers filmed!”

The pic shows Robbie and four members of the crew forming a chain of human chairs as each member allows another to use their leg for a seat.

In the post’s comment section, one fan asked “When is the new season?”

To which Robbie replied, “January.”

Robbie’s reveal comes after recent episodes have suffered low ratings.

The show, which was racking up as many as 5.3 million viewers during its 2010 heyday, achieved ratings as low as 804,000 for the March 19 episode.

In August, the show experienced a drop in viewership after new episodes moved to 8pm instead of the usual 9pm slot.


Many fans decided to boycott the new series after original star Frank Fritz, 57, was dropped from the show.

However, it’s unlikely that Frank will be returning to American Pickers anytime soon.

The former TV personality is currently under conservatorship after he suffered a stroke in July.

Since September 6, he’s been living at a rehabilitation center.

Frank previously spoke about his feud with co-star Mike, claiming in a 2021 interview with The U.S. Sun that they hadn’t spoken for two years.

Their other co-star, Danielle Colby, 46, is currently out of action, too, after undergoing major surgery.

She went in for a hysterectomy earlier this week after suffering from “incredibly painful” uterine fibroids

However, the burlesque performer has assured fans that she is “recovering well.”


Mike recently revealed a new career endeavor while his show remains on hiatus when he announced the launch of his full-service gas station, Columbia Motor Alley, in Columbia, Tennessee

The American Pickers creator notably revealed how the project “has a special place in my heart.”

The History Chanel star wrote in his Instagram post: “Traveling America’s backroads over the years, I’ve seen what’s left of so many old car dealerships, gas stations, and service garages.” 

He continued: “These abandoned places are what kept America going throughout the years. 

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“The old cars, the signs, and gas pumps we all love and collect lived in these places and can again.” 

Mike concluded: “Every little town throughout America has one of these places that need to be honored and reimagined.”

Instagram/Robert WolfeRobbie updated a fan via an Instagram comment that new episode will air in January[/caption]

InstagramDuring the show’s hiatus opened Columbia Motor Ally, a full-service gas station located in Columbia, Tennessee[/caption]

Instagram/ rjwolfepickerAmerican Pickers’ Mike Wolfe with brother and costar Robbie[/caption]

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