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Jeopardy! icon Amy Schneider advances to Tournament of Champions finals as an underdog is ‘hurt’ by host Ken’s misruling

Jeopardy! icon Amy Schneider advances to Tournament of Champions finals as an underdog is ‘hurt’ by host Ken’s misruling

JEOPARDY! icon Amy Schneider has won Wednesday’s Tournament of Champions match and will now advance to the finals.

Ken Jennings announced a misruling that left an underdog looking “hurt” which soured an otherwise sweet victory.

ABCJeopardy!’s Ken Jennings is hosting the 2022 Tournament of Champions[/caption]

ABC40-time winner Amy Schneider won the match[/caption]

The legendary Amy, 42, from Oakland, California faced Tyler Rhode – a director at a start-up from New York City – and Maureen O’Neil – an executive assistant from Massachusetts.

Starting last Monday, host Ken, 48, began looming over the fierce $250K face-off featuring 21 (now 9) game show greats from the past year.

The competition has widdled down to the semi-finals, which Amy (as well as Matt Amodio and Mattea Roach) advanced to directly – so this was her first game.

Fans were thrilled to see Amy (with 40 prior wins and $1.3M) back with a vengeance tonight, but a score reversal midway put a damper on the momentous moment.

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The $1000 clue under “Shakespeare” read: “This title guy kills Lavinia stabs Tamora, gets killed by Saturninus who is in turn whacked by Lucious, the said title guy’s son.”

Tyler correctly replied: “Who is Titus Andronicus” but audibly added an extra “D” to the last name.

After the first commercial break, Amy had $4400 and Tyler was right behind her with $4200, seeming confident.

When the show returned, Ken said: “I’m afraid I have to break some bad news to you.”

“I missed it, but the judges have listened back and apparently you added an extra letter D to Titus Andronicus’ name.

“As a result we’re going to have to deduct $2000 from your score” – the hopeful who came into the tournament with 5 past wins just nodded.

Tyler was not able to recover from the hobbling deduction of $1000 for his correct response and another $1000 for buzzing in and getting it wrong – his score was cut in half.

Going into Final Jeopardy, Amy had soared to $19,600, Tyler had $7,000, and Maureen $600.


It read: “A trip to El Paso with his young son & wondering what the city might look like years into the future inspired a novel by this author.”

Amy and Tyler were both correct with “Cormac McCarthy”, but it was the end of the road for him.

He couldn’t catch up and Amy added $64 and looked so happy with $19,664.

Fans were thrilled for the pink-dress-wearing powerhouse as one wrote to Reddit: “Let’s go Amy!”

However another admitted: “I was hoping Tyler would be able to find one of the Daily Doubles [he didn’t] – it looked very frustrating since he knew a lot of the responses.

“Also that deduction kind of hurt him a little I think.”

And a third agreed: “I think once Tyler got deducted for the mispronunciation of the correct answer, it gave Amy the necessary push to take off and she didn’t look back from there.”

Amy revealed on Twitter that: “Sadly, they wound up rejecting my first choice of outfit, but my backup outfit was also fabulous, and moreover showed my tattoo!.”

She also wasn’t expecting to play in the first of three semi-finals: “I was shocked for a minute, but I had to set that aside.

It didn’t matter what I had predicted, or whether I should have been in a different headspace that morning. The game was now, and I just had to play it.”

The two other finalists with Amy will be decided tomorrow and Friday.


This year’s Tournament of Champions started airing on Monday, October 31.

It features more super-champions (or contestants who have won more than 10 games) than any year prior.

On Thursday, 38-time winner Matt will face John Focht and professor Sam Buttrey.

And on Friday, 23-time winner Mattea will face Eric Ahasiac and Andrew He.

The finalists will play until one of them wins three matches – which could take three days or stretch on for seven showdowns.

Regular episodes and reigning ace Cris Pannullo will return mid-November when it all concludes.

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Ken will step aside from the iconic game show in January so that co-host Mayim Bialik – now handling Celebrity Jeopardy! – can take the reins.

Over the summer, he and actress Mayim were officially announced as the permanent replacements for the late, great Alex – the two-year anniversary of his passing was yesterday.

ABCAmy and Tyler Rhode were neck and neck when he had $2K deducted from his score, Ken said: ‘I missed it – I have bad news for you’ and he couldn’t recover[/caption]

ABCThe 40-time winner gained momentum after that and won in a runaway[/caption]

JeopardyAmy and two other legends will enter the finals of the $250 face-off after the two remaining semi-finals[/caption]

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